How Do I Reduce Pregnenolone Side Effects?

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One way to reduce the possibility of pregnenolone side effects is to watch out for possible drug interactions. Some studies have found a negative link between using the drug while also taking benzodiazepines, drugs normally used to increase serenity and to promote rest in those who have trouble regularly falling asleep. For regular users of pregnenolone, the sedative effects of benzodiazepines may be affected, possibly leading to an increase in insomnia and higher anxiety levels. Additional methods of reducing side effects of pregnenolone include being aware of the drug's effect on other steroid-based hormones in the body and understanding that the drug may not be safe for those who suffer from certain medical conditions. Monitoring the levels at which the hormone is taken may also be necessary to avoid troublesome pregnenolone side effects.

Pregnenolone is a powerful hormone that the body naturally manufacturers using cholesterol. The substance can then be used to make all other steroid hormones in the body, including estrogens, testosterone, and cortisol. Pregnenolone side effects may then occur because of taking another steroid hormone along with pregnenolone, which could lead to an imbalance of hormones in the body. Taking testosterone supplements at the same time as pregnenolone supplements, for instance, can lead to an overabundance of testosterone. Excess testosterone could cause acne, hair loss, and changes in libido.


For those with certain medical conditions, avoiding pregnenolone side effects may mean not taking the drug at all. Certain diseases, for instance, are hormone responsive. Consider breast cancer as an example. Theoretically, in a woman who takes the supplement, higher than normal levels of estrogen could occur and cause tumors to grow. Those with other hormone-sensitive diseases, such as prostate cancer or endometriosis, are also likely to be warned to avoid the drug to prevent worsening their health.

Negative pregnenolone side effects seem to be more likely to occur in those who are taking the natural steroid hormone at high doses. At high levels, steroid-like symptoms such as irritability, aggressiveness, and facial hair growth in women could occur. As the hormone is available in various strengths, you should consult with a physician to determine safe therapeutic levels that take into account your age, current health conditions, and other individual factors. Having hormone levels regularly monitored by a qualified professional can also help ensure that hormone levels stay within appropriate ranges. Your doctor can also make dosage changes as needed to help prevent unpleasant pregnenolone side effects associated with prolonged use.


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