How Do I Reduce Pores on the Legs?

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You can reduce the visibility of pores on the legs by removing the hair, moisturizing regularly, and exfoliating. Leg hair can be removed in various ways, but some methods are better than others when it comes to reducing the size of pores. Moisturizing is another way to reduce their appearance, and it is best done after showering and toweling yourself dry. Exfoliating is also beneficial, because it helps remove dirt and dead skin. Keep in mind that you are reducing the size of pores, not their number.

Shave using a sharp razor and wipe and rinse the razor after each stroke. Dull razors and razors full of hair can irritate your legs or leave behind hair. A better method of hair removal is waxing or epilating, because either method removes leg hair by the root and causes the hair to grow back thinner. There are some disadvantages to these hair removal methods; for example, they are usually quite painful and can be expensive. All of these methods can help reduce the appearance of pores on the legs if done on a regular basis.


Many experts recommend a good and regular moisturizer to reduce pores all over the body. Some people use a moisturizing lotion in conjunction with cold water to reduce the size of pores, though this is not usually a permanent solution. The lotion can help trap cold water that has soaked into the skin, extending the pore-shrinking effects. Lotion can be more effective when the skin has already been cleaned and the pores are more likely to be open.

Dead skin and dirt can result in larger or more noticeable pores on the legs. Exfoliation can help address this issue and result in less obvious pores. The process requires either a chemical substance or physical use of an abrasive, and common ways to exfoliate include the use of brushes, sponges, or cloths with abrasive properties. Some hair-removal techniques, such as waxing, can also help exfoliate the skin.

All legitimate methods of reducing pores are aimed at reducing their size, because pores can become enlarged for various reasons. It is not possible to remove a pore, nor is it healthy to do so. The pores allow your body to release sweat and keep you at a healthy temperature throughout the day.


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Post 5

You should exfoliate first. This is because exfoliating after can cause irritation to the skin, also exfoliating acts to expose ingrown hairs.

Post 4

I always use lotion on my legs after shaving. It helps keep my legs looking smooth and keeps the pores under control.

I shave first, and then I shower. After I dry off, I slather on the lotion. I don't skimp on it, because I want my legs to be as smooth as possible.

I think it helps to use a lotion with aloe vera in it. This is very soothing and cooling at the same time, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it might help reduce the appearance of pores.

Post 3

I can't imagine using cold water to reduce the size of my leg pores. Any time that my legs get cold, it feels like my leg hairs are growing, and this makes my pores look larger.

If my legs get cold while I'm shaving, it feels like the stubble is growing right away. The only way to keep them smooth is to sit in a tub of warm water while shaving.

Post 2

@DylanB – Technically, the razor does exfoliate both skin and hair. However, if you don't exfoliate before shaving, you could be making your razor work extra hard and making it become dull sooner than it would otherwise.

I always exfoliate my legs before shaving. I like using a scrub with microbeads in it and a wash cloth. I rinse this off before I put on the shave gel.

I rinse my legs after shaving to get the gel residue and any loose hairs left behind off. My legs turn out smooth, and the pores aren't that noticeable at all.

If you exfoliate after shaving, you risk irritating your legs. They are more likely to be sensitive after having had a razor scraped across them than before.

Post 1

Is it better to exfoliate the legs before or after shaving? I kind of thought that the razor exfoliated my skin for me as it slid across my skin. Do I really need more exfoliation than this?

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