How do I Reduce my Home's Energy Consumption?

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Becoming more energy-efficient is an idea that many people find appealing today. The need to save energy is sometimes spurred by a desire to reduce utility bills. At other times, the motivation is to ensure that there is enough energy flow so vital services can be maintained in the wider community. The best place to begin this process of changing the way you consume energy is the home. Here are a few tips on how you can cut your energy consumption while still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

A quick and easy way to get started in your quest to save power is to change some of your energy usage habits. Many people leave lamps and overhead lights on when no one is present in those rooms. Something as simple as switching off lights in unused areas of the home is a relatively painless way to reduce energy consumption and requires nothing more than developing the habit.


Along the same lines, it is not unusual for people to leave entertainment devices on even when they are not actively using those devices. Instead of turning on the television and the computer when you first get up in the morning, wait until you are ready to settle in and watch a program or read email online. When you are done, shut the devices off. It only takes a couple of moments to power up a computer at the most, so there is really no need to leave the device on and unattended for hours on end.

Adjusting the thermostat on the central heating and cooling system is another great way to reduce your energy consumption. Set the thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer and a few degrees lower in the winter. Most people wear lightweight clothing during the warm months, and as long as the humidity is pulled out of the home the temperature should be comfortable. For chilly winter weather, put on a sweater and the slightly lower temperature in the home will not be an issue. However, the amount of energy saved will be significant.

For creative ideas on how to save power, it is a good idea to request an energy audit. Many local power companies are happy to perform this audit for their customers. The audit can help you identify ways to make your home more secure so you save heat in the winter and keep the cold air in during the summer. Many audits also evaluate the energy efficiency of your major appliances and provide you with some tips on how to curb that level of energy consumption.


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