How Do I Reduce Epilator Pain?

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The keys to reducing epilator pain include preparing skin prior to hair removal, using a high-quality epilator, and making use of a cooling gel or moisturizer after epilation. Skin preparation includes making sure that the area from which you want to remove hair is clean and dry and holding the skin taut during the epilation process. After epilation, you can soothe your skin by gently applying a fragrance-free moisturizer to any irritated areas.

Do some research before investing in an epilator. Many people feel that a high-quality device can make a real difference in how much epilation pain you may experience. Some companies even sell epilators that are designed for sensitive skin. Friends and family can recommend products to you or go online to research consumer awareness sites. When reading these sites, pay special attention to the issue of comfort as well as the ability of a device to remove hair quickly. If an epilator requires you to re-use it again and again to remove all the hair from an area, it will only prolong epilator pain.


Many hair removal experts advise showering prior to epilation. This can help reduce epilator pain by softening the skin, opening the pores, and removing skin oils that can cause hair to lie flat on the skin. You may also want to use an exfoliating scrub or sponge while in the shower to remove the dead skin cells that can interfere with hair removal. After you get out of the shower, dry the area carefully and brush a bit of talcum powder on the dry skin. This absorbs any lingering moisture and prepares the hairs for quick removal.

To address red, irritated skin, select a moisturizing lotion that does not contain potentially irritating ingredients, such as fragrance. For additional cooling, place the bottle or tube of moisturizer in the refrigerator prior to applying it to your skin. Just don’t use the moisturizer before hair removal, as this will make it more difficult for your device to grasp the hair securely and remove it efficiently.

You may find that epilator pain decreases over time, particularly because hair regrowth tends to be thinner and finer. As such, you shouldn’t get discouraged if you find your first few tries with the epilator to be painful. You should be aware, however, that some hormonal changes, such as those caused by pregnancy, can make your skin more sensitive, increasing discomfort during the hair removal process.


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