How Do I Reduce Astaxanthin Side Effects?

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There is a variety of ways to reduce astaxanthin side effects. Astaxanthin is a food additive used mainly in dietary supplements and as a color enhancer for seafood. Side effects, if they occur, vary among individuals and are generally mild. The main way to reduce astaxanthin side effects is to limit consumption of astaxanthin. As astaxanthin is contraindicated by a number of substances, limiting the intake of these substances is another route to reduce side effects.

Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring substance found in shrimp, salmon, trout and other sea creatures. Astaxanthin gives the flesh of these animals a pink or yellow color. The antioxidant properties of astaxanthin add to the health benefits of seafood. A synthetic form of astaxanthin is available as a nutritional supplement. Some companies that provide fish fillets to supermarkets use astaxanthin as a food additive to enhance the color of the final product; farm raised fish and shrimp are given food with large quantities of astaxanthin to create this effect.


Though astaxanthin is recognized by the United States and other countries as generally safe, high levels in farm raised fish cause side effects in some individuals. Though mild, side effects can include drops in blood pressure, decreased calcium levels in the blood, and hormonal changes. Some individuals are allergic to astaxanthin, and the compound also affects the reproductive hormones of pregnant women. As of 2011, no person has died from consuming the astaxanthin in farm raised fish.

There are two main ways to reduce astaxanthin side effects. The first is to lessen one's consumption of foods containing astaxanthin. This does not mean that one has to stop eating seafood. Many governments require that packaged seafood be labeled if its coloring is due to artificial astaxanthin. In most cases, eating wild seafood will reduce if not eliminate symptoms. One must be prepared to pay more for wild seafood, though.

A second way to reduce astaxanthin side effects is to stop taking substances contraindicated by astaxanthin. For example, astaxanthin can interfere with the affects of other dietary supplements and herbs. Certain combinations can become dangerous if one takes astaxanthin with another compound that lowers blood pressure. Caution is advised when mixing any dietary supplements. Considering one's state of health, it may be necessary to consult a physician before starting astaxanthin or other dietary supplements.


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I took Asta FX and it made me dizzy and light headed. I take a blood pressure medication. Be careful and make sure to consult your doctor before you take it.

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