How Do I Record a Webcast?

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To record a webcast, you first need to have the hardware and software necessary for recording and transmitting this type of production. Hardware basically includes some type of camera, such as a webcam or a digital video camera, a computer powerful enough to handle video, a solid Internet connection, and the environment in which you wish to record. The software you need usually includes a video editing program and the proper encoding software for webcast streaming. In addition to your own hardware and software, you should consider a webhosting service to handle the streaming signal and prepare a script or outline for yourself before you record a webcast.

Most of what you need to record comes down to computer hardware and software. The hardware required includes a computer powerful enough to handle video and some type of camera, usually either a webcam or a digital video camera. You also need to have a decent Internet connection to handle the upload speeds and traffic that you are likely to produce through your webcast. While the space around you may not necessarily be hardware, you should consider where you want to record a webcast and make sure the environment you are in is conducive to video recording.


The software needed to record a webcast can vary somewhat, depending on what type of webcast you want to create. In general, you should have a program to create and edit videos on your computer, usually in association with the camera you have. You may also need to download encoding software or codecs for the type of video files and webcast you want to create.

You should also consider and compare different websites that can be used for hosting or streaming video content on the Internet. If you want to record a webcast and then upload it, you should consider a file hosting or video broadcasting service. On the other hand, you might look at websites and services that can help you with streaming video in real time if that is the type of webcast you want to produce. Some Internet service providers (ISPs) are better than others for dealing with the demands of uploading streaming video, so you should consider what ISP might be best for you.

Once you have the hardware and software you need to record a webcast, then you should consider the actual webcast production. You should write out a script or outline for yourself, covering the material you want to talk about during your webcast. It is also typically a good idea to go through this script a few times for practice, as this can help you find any problems prior to recording. This is especially helpful if you want to record for live streaming, as you do not have the ability to correct mistakes in editing.


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