How Do I Recognize Pus from a UTI?

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Recognizing pus from a urinary tract infection (UTI) is often difficult to impossible unless you are looking under a microscope. You must also rule out the possibility of having other infections, such as sexually transmitted ones. If the urine is cloudy, it could be a sign of blood, which usually includes white blood cells. While attempting to recognize pus from a UTI can be educational and helpful for future reference, book an appointment with a doctor to confirm your suspicions and get the problem treated.

It is usually not possible to see pus from a UTI with the naked eye. In most cases, a doctor will ask for a urine sample to analyze under a microscope. To collect a urine sample, you wipe the vaginal area with a sterile wipe and then collect the urine mid-stream to get a clean catch. After this, a nurse will take the urine to a back room to look at it. If a doctor or nurse notices pus or detects white blood cells in your urine, he or she will consider these findings along with your symptoms to determine if you have a UTI.


If you see pus from a UTI, stop to consider that it might not be from a UTI. Pus in urine is often a symptom of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. These STIs might present with symptoms similar to a UTI. See a doctor as soon as possible to rule out these infections. Left untreated, gonorrhea can lead to infertility or other serious complications.

Cloudy urine is a typical sign of a UTI. The cloudiness is often from blood, which contains white blood cells to fight off your infection. As it is unlikely for your body to rid itself of the infection without help, most people opt to take prescription antibiotics to eliminate the infection within days. Relief from painful urination is usually observed within 48 hours of taking the medication.

Many people believe they recognize pus from a UTI and attempt to treat themselves with herbs and other home remedies. For safety’s sake, contact a medical professional to get advice. Pus-filled urine might be a symptom of a more serious problem. In fact, UTIs can be very serious if left untreated because the infection can move to your kidneys. Even if you are set on treating the UTI at home, ask your primary doctor what the best method will be and if there are signs of increased infection that you should look out for.


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Post 3

@feruze-- Wait, where do you have pus? You can't see pus in urine like the article said. Only a lab technician can see it under a microscope. If you're experiencing discharge after urinating, that's something completely different. It might be a yeast infection or something similar. You really need to see a doctor. As for garlic for UTIs, I don't think it's enough to treat an infection. Antibiotics are very effective and work quickly!

Post 2

I have recurrent UTIs. I know I have it right now because I recognize the symptoms. It's the same burning pain while urinating and there is pus.

A friend of mine suggested raw garlic because it's a strong antibacterial. Has anyone tried raw garlic?

Post 1

I actually thought that I had a sexually transmitted disease when I started experiencing pain while urinating. I went to my doctor right away for blood and urine tests. The blood tests came back clear and the urine test results said that I have pus in my urine. I was looking puzzled when my doctor clarified that it's a UTI.

I took my antibiotics and the infection is gone. I can't believe how closely urinary tract infections can mimic sexually transmitted diseases.

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