How Do I Recognize a Hepatitis Rash?

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Identifying a hepatitis rash is nearly impossible without conducting medical testing to confirm that the patient is positive for hepatitis. The rash can be different in each specific case, depending upon the condition of the patient, the causes of the disease, and the overall physical makeup of the person and how they cope with medical conditions such as this. For example, in some cases, swollen glands could occur due to hepatitis along with sore, hot spots all over the body, which will cause an almost unbearable itch. Once the area is scratched, the spots will turn white and appear to be dead cells. But again these are not the only problems that occur due to hepatitis, and these problems that may appear to be a hepatitis rash may only be an allergic reaction to some other external factor.


In order to understand what a hepatitis rash is and what it looks like, the actual medical condition must be discussed. Hepatitis is the term used for a specific inflammatory liver disease. This disease causes the death of several healthy liver tissues and produces several inflammatory cells inside it. There are various different types and levels of this medical condition, such as hepatitis A, B, C, and so on. Hepatitis occurs when a person comes in contact with a person that already has hepatitis, which is then passed on to the healthy person. It spreads through sexual contact or various blood transfer methods, medical and otherwise. It can also develop due to the use of dangerous substances such as alcohol and toxins.

Hepatitis could cause severe rashes which can drastically change the shape of the skin. In some cases, when the virus is in its most severe stage, it could also cause red spots on the particular skin area, such as red spots on the chest due to liver inflammation. The main reason of the spreading of the hepatitis rash is through the disease itself, so in order to cure the rash, hepatitis should be treated first.

The treatment of hepatitis is the prerequisite for the cure and diagnose of any hepatitis rash. Before the diagnosing procedure, the blood is tested to know the severity and seriousness of the issue, and if this medical condition is indeed the cause of the rashes. In some cases it requires scans and microscopic examinations of the infected tissue in order to isolate the problem. But in the case of acute hepatitis, no specific treatment is recommended; medical experts often suggest that bed rest is the best method for dealing with this virus.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- You can't know if a rash is caused by hepatitis just by looking at it! And sometimes, people who carry a type hepatitis virus are more prone to developing rashes. A rash doesn't always mean that the hepatitis is causing it.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- I had a hepatitis C rash before, it cause large red spots on my torso and legs and itched like crazy!

Does yours itch? I think this is the major symptom of hepatitis rash. But I think the rash usually happens when the virus is still in the system. Apparently, when the liver is not able to get rid of toxins produced by the virus, it resorts to getting rid of them through the skin which causes the rash.

You need to see a doctor for a diagnosis and also for medications because a hepatitis C rash is not tolerable without medications. I had to use many anti-itch creams and antihistamine drugs to treat mine.

Post 1

What kind of a rash does hepatitis C cause?

I was infected with hep C several years ago. I had all my tests done then, received hep C treatment and recovered with rest.

Recently, I've developed a red rash on my stomach. Could this be from the hepatitis C?

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