How Do I Properly Cut Nose Hair?

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Excessive nose hair is an embarrassing problem for many people, and most prefer to remove it. Since nose hair is necessary, however, only a small amount of hair should be removed. Plucking nose hair is usually very painful, so most experts recommend cutting it. Small scissors can be used to cut nose hair in a pinch, but nose hair trimmers are typically recommended.

Nose hair is often seen as a nuisance, but it is a necessary part of the respiratory system. Nose hair acts as a filter to help keep the majority of inhaled irritants, like dust, out of the lungs. It also traps mucus, which helps warm and moisten the air that is being inhaled.

When you cut nose hair, it is important that you do not cut too much. Most experts recommend only trimming the hair that is visible outside the nose. Removing too much hair from the nose can cause problems, such as ingrown hairs.

If you have just one or two nose hairs, you may be able to pluck the hairs with tweezers. Tweezing nose hair, however, is not usually recommended. Not only is it less painful to cut nose hair, but you are also less likely to suffer from ingrown hairs. Pulling the hair out can cause it to become stuck underneath the skin, making it painful and difficult to remove.

You can use scissors to cut nose hair, but you should be very careful. Small scissors with blunt points are usually recommended. You are more likely to cut the delicate tissue inside your nose when you use sharp pointed scissors to cut nose hair. If this tissue is cut, it will typically bleed profusely, and it can lead to an infection.

If you find that you must cut nose hair regularly, you should consider investing in a nose hair trimmer. These trimmers are specifically designed for cutting nose hair safely. Most of them typically come with safety features that guard the blades of the trimmer. These make it less likely for you to cut yourself.

Nose hair trimmers are generally inexpensive. Some of these trimmers may be electric, while others may be manual. There are also nose hair trimmer attachments that fit onto electric beard and mustache trimmers.

You should first make sure that your nostrils are clean and free from debris before cutting your nose hair. To use this type of trimmer to cut nose hair, the end of the trimmer should be carefully inserted into the nostril. The hairs will enter through slots on the safety guard, and sharp blades will cut the hairs. A nose hair trimmer can also usually be used to cut ear hair as well.

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Post 2

I made a mistake one time and trimmed off a lot more nasal hair than I meant to. It started off as just a little extra grooming, but then I kept on going with the trimmer. I may have looked better on the outside, but the inside of my nostrils didn't stop itching for days as new hairs grew in.

Post 1

This is a little embarrassing to share, but I have noticed two or three nose hairs that will grow long and blend into my mustache over time. I won't notice them until it's time to trim my beard. I'll use a small pair of scissors and clip them right at the end of my nostrils. I won't try to go any deeper than that.

If I absolutely had to trim my nose hairs, I wouldn't use anything other than a nose hair clipper. It's built for the job, and I can keep it sanitary between uses.

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