How Do I Prevent Toe Jam?

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Toe jam is the substance that can be found between the toes. The best way to prevent this problem is to regularly wash the feet with soap and then thoroughly dry the space between the toes. Another helpful measure to prevent toe jam is to pre-wash new socks several times before wearing them. Sock lint is often a large component of this toe mess. Several medical conditions can contribute to this condition and require more specific treatments.

Jam between the toes is an amalgam of many different components and differs from person to person. Toe jam may be composed of sock lint, dirt, and doffed skin cells. The whole mess is moistened by body oils and sweat to make a jam or cheesy-like substance that can harbor bacteria and fungus. Often this problem has an unpleasant odor as well.

The best way to prevent this toe problem is to wash the feet at least once a day, being sure to use a washcloth and an antibacterial soap to clean between the toes. After washing, the feet should be completely dried. Following exercise, the feet should be washed and dried and fresh, dry socks should be placed on the feet.


One of the most common causes of crud between the toes is sock lint. Frequently, new cotton socks will produce lots of lint that will work its way in between the toes and get caught. Sweat and body oils may work this mixture into a messy jam. The best way to prevent lint is to wash newly purchased socks several times before wearing them.

If washing the feet regularly does not prevent toe jam, a health problem may be to blame. A person who has eczema or psoriasis on other parts of his body may be prone to dry skin on the feet. Dry skin will flake off, getting caught and accumulating between the toes, where it can form a jam-like substance. A person suffering from dry skin and toe jam should try moistening his skin with skin lotion after washing and drying the feet. If this does not prevent the mess between the toes, a dermatologist may need to be consulted to prescribe a medicated cream.

The feet are prone to fungal infections that thrive in warm, dark, moist environments. Fungal infections on the feet, such as athlete’s foot, can produce rough, flaky skin that can contribute to toe jam. If the foot is itchy and or a rash is observed, it can be treated by washing the foot regularly and then applying anti-fungal powders.


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