How Do I Prevent Thrombosis during Pregnancy?

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A thrombosis is a blood clot that has developed in one of the major arteries or veins of the body, and can be very serious for pregnant women. To avoid possible thrombosis during pregnancy, pregnant women are encouraged to start or continue an exercise program, avoid excessive weight gain, and use compression stockings. Using lifestyle therapies to prevent thrombosis has been proven to be quite effective, and it is often encouraged for other individuals who may be at risk for the condition.

To avoid thrombosis during pregnancy, it is important for pregnant women to stay physically active. Pregnant women who exercised on a regular basis prior to becoming pregnant are typically encouraged to maintain their regular exercise habits as long as possible. Once prior levels of exercise become too difficult, decreases in intensity and duration can be determined on a case-by-case basis. A physician who is familiar with the exercise habits of the pregnant women will be able to make recommendations on levels of physical activity in the later stages of pregnancy. Thrombosis can be caused by sedentary behavior, so exercise is a good way to help prevent thrombosis during pregnancy.


Avoiding excessive weight gain is also important for women who are interested in preventing thrombosis during pregnancy. As with physical activity levels, the appropriate amount of weight gain must be made on an individual basis. In most cases, women who are classified as being overweight or obese prior to becoming pregnant are encouraged to keep weight gain to a minimum. Eating fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats is a good way to help ensure optimal amounts of weight gain. In addition, pregnant women are typically encouraged to avoid fatty foods or those rich in simple sugars to help prevent excess weight gain.

Some pregnant women are encouraged to use compression stockings. Compression stockings are similar to nylons, and have been proven effective at maximizing circulation in the lower body. As with exercise, increasing the circulation in the legs can help prevent thrombosis during pregnancy.

In the event that a thrombosis does develop during pregnancy, a woman will typically be given an anticoagulant medication to help dissolve the blood clot. Anticoagulants are medications which thin the blood, and are used to break up blood clots. Although this medication has not been found to be detrimental to a fetus, it is still typically prescribed for only a short period of time.


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