How Do I Prevent Fingernail Lines?

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Like most parts of the body, the fingernails are prone to cosmetic abnormalities and health deficiencies. Visible lines in the fingernails may occur vertically or horizontally, and they may or may not indicate an underlying health condition. In the latter cases, eliminating the fingernail lines is dependent upon treating the source illness. Cosmetic deficiencies are best combated by diligent grooming and nail care. Some abnormalities may not be preventable, but they can be treated with certain substances like nail polish and lotion.

Maintenance of fingernails is a relatively simple process. Individuals really only need to keep the nails trimmed and clean. Regular trimming will promote nail health and growth. In addition, removing particles from underneath the fingernails will help prevent buildup of deposits that may create lines. Fingernail polish may further help protect the surface of the nails and diminish fingernail lines, but be advised that frequent use of nail polish remover can promote development of fingernail lines and have an adverse effect on the overall nail.

Nail care should be approached with gentleness. Abrasions or harsh contact can damage the surface of the nails. If you are using nail care products like files, then you should keep the rough surface away from the nail’s outer covering. Care should also be taken when you are clipping nails. Sharp clippers can better help you trim efficiently without accidentally scratching the nail’s surface. Of course, habits such as biting the nails should be avoided as well.


Sometimes, fingernails need a bit of pampering. A professional manicure will likely ensure that your nails are properly trimmed and cleaned. In addition, the manicurist may work on cuticles and add moisture to the nails. These two factors can also impact the development of fingernails lines. In lieu of a manicure, individuals may use hand lotions for moisturizing purposes.

Dry nails that cause fingernail lines may indicate a lack of water in the diet. Other dietary deficiencies that may create fingernail problems include depleted levels of protein, iron, and vitamin B. A fruit and vegetable-heavy diet can help correct these deficiencies.

If fingernail lines assume a certain appearance, a health issue may have been brought to your attention. In particular, the following features serve as warming signs: horizontal fingernail lines, dark lines, or lines with a groove. The most common conditions that affect the fingernails are diabetes, abnormal thyroid or kidney activity, and bad blood circulation. Infections may sometimes cause problems as well. If your unusual fingernail appearance is accompanied by other medical problems, you should consult a physician, who may prescribe pharmaceuticals or suggest other treatment options.


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