How do I Prepare for the TOEIC&Reg; Online?

Marlene de Wilde

The TOEIC® test, or Test of English for International Communication, was developed in the United States to measure the ability of non-native English speakers to use the language in common work situations. It is a two-hour test with 200 multiple choice questions, of which half are listening comprehension and the other half are based on reading comprehension exercises. There are many ways to prepare for the TOEIC® online, for candidates who are not able to attend classes or prefer this style of learning.

Someone preparing for the TOEIC test should regularly read English-language news online.
Someone preparing for the TOEIC test should regularly read English-language news online.

In order to prepare for the listening section of TOEIC® online, the candidate should understand vocabulary, idioms and grammar in a primarily business context. Listening to authentic English every day is one way of increasing general listening comprehension skills. There are many websites that offer audio and video which can be played as many times as it takes for the words to be understood. News broadcasts are especially valuable, as much of the news is either business-oriented or includes vocabulary that is used in the business world.

Some parts of the TOEIC are multiple choice questions.
Some parts of the TOEIC are multiple choice questions.

There are also sites designed specifically for the preparation of TOEIC® online. Many of these offer a selection of free exercises as well as more detailed information that needs to be paid for. It is advisable to use a wide range of different types of material from different sources so as to increase exposure to English as much as possible.

The reading comprehension section of the TOEIC® test includes tasks like incomplete sentences and error recognition. Reading comprehension questions are based on texts, of which there are between six and seven on each test, like news reports, faxes, schedules and business profiles. Of the 100 questions, 60 are grammar-based and 40 are centered on reading.

Preparing for this section of the TOEIC® online means immersion in as many different types of texts as possible. Newspapers and magazines of all types are available online nowadays so access to them is not a problem for anyone who has the Internet. Practice tests are also freely available, and the completion of as many of these as possible is advisable.

As the TOEIC® test contains only listening and reading, it is not necessary to develop speaking and writing skills to successfully pass the test. This means that the candidate can concentrate on the two skills that matter. There are many test preparation websites that offer a plethora of free materials which can be used before paying for further information.

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