How do I Prepare for the Paramedic Assessment?

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In order to work in paramedic nursing or emergency medical services, you are typically required to take paramedic assessment exams in order to prove your competence in emergency medical procedures. Many future emergency medical technicians (EMTs) can pass their paramedic tests with ease if they plan ahead and make time to study. The best methods for preparing for the paramedic exam are to study with flash cards, read paramedic test preparation manuals, take paramedic pre-assessment tests, or take an EMT test preparation class. Preparing for the test should be done over several months so that you have time to learn and retain all information.

Two or three months before the day of your paramedic assessment, you should begin gathering all your study materials, including test preparation manuals and flash cards. Test preparation manuals for the paramedic exam usually explain the various portions of the exam and may have a study guide for medical terminology or emergency medical procedures that may be covered. Flash cards will help you memorize medical terms used in paramedic services. There are also websites dedicated to helping future EMTs study for their tests.


Another valuable tool to help you prepare for paramedic assessment exams are pre-assessment tests. These paramedic pre-tests will familiarize you with the testing procedures and help you know what to expect on test day. It’s a good idea to take a pre-assessment test a few weeks before you take your paramedic test while you are still studying. Taking a pre-test early is important because how you perform on the pre-assessment will show you where the gaps in your knowledge are so you can focus your studying. You can find paramedic assessment pre-exams online or through the program that prepared you for your paramedic certification.

Classes focused on preparing for the paramedic assessment exam can also help you study for the exam. These classes will generally cover emergency medical procedures, medical terminology, and other knowledge that will be on your exams, and classes can also cover the paramedic testing procedures in detail. Many classes will also provide materials like manuals or flash cards for you to study with, and you will likely take a paramedic pre-assessment during your test preparation class. You can find test preparation classes at the same schools where you took a paramedic certification program, but you can also search for EMT and paramedic exam preparation classes online.


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