How do I Prepare for the Notary Public Exam?

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A notary public is a person charged with witnessing document signing and overseeing oaths. To become a notary public, you’ll usually have to complete an application, pay a fee, and schedule a time to take the notary public exam. Preparation for the exam may depend on where you live and hope to become a notary. You may, however, prepare with training materials offered by your region or by taking a notary public training class. For example, you may take a notary public training class that is offered online, in a classroom, or through self-study documents sent via the mail.

Part of preparing for a notary public exam is making sure you meet your jurisdiction's requirements for becoming a notary public. If you do not meet the requirements, you will likely be prohibited from taking the exam. While requirements may vary, many jurisdictions require notary public candidates to be at least 18 years old and pay an application fee to become a notary. You may also need a clear criminal history, and many jurisdictions require background checks as part of the application process. There are even some places, such as the United Kingdom, where a degree may be required for becoming a notary public.


Notary public exam requirements and schedules may vary from place to place. In many places, however, there are certain days on which the exam is offered. In others, the exam may only be offered once a month. As you prepare for the notary public exam, you'll likely have to register for it in advance. You may do well to pick an exam that allows you plenty of time to study and prepare for the test.

Many jurisdictions provide training materials that aspiring notaries can use to study for their exams. If your jurisdiction does this, you may receive a booklet or kit that includes exam materials you can use to prepare for the notary public exam. There are also some jurisdictions that provide online study materials to help aspiring notaries study for the exam.

It is important to note that training classes for becoming a notary public aren’t always required. In some cases, studying a notary public handbook may be enough preparation, though notary associations often recommend classes for everyone. To ensure that you are getting the right preparation for the notary exam in your jurisdiction, you may do well to contact the Secretary of State in the US, the Commonwealth office in the UK, or a similar authority in your jurisdiction, for assistance.


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