How do I Prepare for the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam?

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The Microsoft Certified Professional exam isn’t really a single exam you can take to gain certification. Instead, there are many different exams you can take to become a Microsoft Certified Professional. Essentially, this just means you will take an exam or series of exams to demonstrate a set of skills and be certified in a particular field. To prepare to take a Microsoft Certified Professional exam, your first step may be visiting the official Microsoft website to compare certifications and decide which one you want to pursue. Then, you may prepare by taking classes, using study guides, and even taking practice tests.

In most cases, Microsoft doesn’t require a particular level of education or experience for those who want to take a Microsoft Certified Professional exam. It does, however, recommend that individuals gain hands-on experience working with the technologies on which they will be tested. Once you decide which certification you want to seek, you may visit its page on the Microsoft website to learn the amount of experience Microsoft suggests for that certification. To have the best chance of passing the required exams and earning certification, you may do well to obtain the minimum level of experience before attempting to take the exams.


Once you’ve settled on the certification you want to pursue, you may visit its page on the Microsoft website to see which exams you will have to take. By clicking on each exam link, you can learn what the exam will cover, which may prove helpful as you study. You can also click on a link to find Microsoft’s recommendations for preparing for the exam. For example, you may find classroom and online training recommendations as well as links to self-paced training kits and practice tests. While you do not have to use any of the materials listed on the Microsoft site, doing so may help improve your chances of passing the required exams.

Besides the preparation suggestions you’ll find on the Microsoft site, you may seek out preparation classes and materials on your own. You may enroll in preparation classes in your area or find courses that help you prepare online. You may also purchase study guides or participate in study groups as you prepare for a Microsoft Certified Professional exam. You may even take advantage of practice tests you purchase online to assess your readiness for the real exam. Some study guides may also include helpful self-assessment tools.


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