How do I Prepare for the Border Patrol Exam?

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After you have scheduled your border patrol exam, you will have a lot of work to do if you really want to get a job. The task at hand should not be taken lightly because many people do not pass. One possible reason for this is because they may not properly prepare. If you are serious, you need to allot adequate study time, download the necessary study guides, and develop good test taking skills.

You must sign up for the border patrol exam online. When you do this, you should find links that will allow you to download materials pertaining to the test. The CBP Border Patrol Entrance Examination Preparation Manual should be sent to you, but you can still download it if you would like to have immediate access to it. In either case, you need to make sure you read it. This manual will acquaint you with the test structure and it will provide explanations for why certain answers to certain questions are correct.

There are study guides that can also be downloaded. These will not automatically be sent to you but you should take advantage of these resources because they can be extremely helpful. The border patrol exam focuses heavily on certain skills and areas of knowledge, such as logical reasoning. If you download the study guides, you can get a sample test, which will increase your familiarity with the real version.


There is also a DVD that will be sent to you which contains testing tips and tips to prepare for the exam. You should attentively watch this video at least once. After you have done so, you can try to apply some of what you learn while taking the sample tests.

If you feel like you need more study resources than are provided, you can find help online. There are websites that cater to those looking for help to improve their border patrol exam scores. Be aware that there may be some fees charged for these services.

Once you have decided which study materials you will use, you need to allot time to study. You need to be committed to that schedule and not underestimate the importance of preparation. Since this test is designed to gauge specific skills and areas of knowledge, more is required to passing than simply remembering correct answers. This is why it is inadvisable to put off studying until the last minute or to believe that you do not need to study.

Spanish is an important part of a border patrol job. The ability to speak the language is not required per se to pass the test. It is required, however, that you at least display an ability to communicate in another language. For this reason, it is advisable for you to practice Spanish.

The night before the test, you should get plenty of rest. The border patrol exam will last approximately 4 ½ hours so you need to be alert and focused. Also, make sure you eat a healthy meal before the test.


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