How Do I Prepare for Sales Representative Interview Questions?

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Preparing for sales representative interview questions should include researching the history of the potential employer, studying your resume to choose key notes to discuss, and developing answers to possible interview questions. You should also choose a professional outfit to wear. Doing these things and getting enough rest the night before the interview just might help you secure the job.

As soon as you know you have an interview, get busy researching the company's history so you will be prepared for the sales representative interview questions. Some of the things you should determine include what products the company sells, whether it manufactures product or gets it from a vendor, and how long the company has been in business. During the interview, you should try to comfortably bring up one or two of your researched facts to show the interviewer you care enough about the company to learn about it. For example, if asked what types of products you enjoy selling, and you know the company sells smoke detectors, your answer should mention that you like selling products that help society and make a difference.


Prepare for questions about your past jobs. The interview might include questions about why you left former companies. Be prepared to discuss your desire to advance and grow instead of saying the company mistreated you. If you were terminated, prepare an answer that uses words such as mutual agreement, or that both you and the employer knew your skills would be better used elsewhere. Turn the negative into a positive in your mind before you go to the interview.

Sales representative interview questions that may be asked include your likes and dislikes about sales, your favorite selling psychology, and the most important skills in a sales position. Preparing answers to each of these and other potential questions will help prevent you from being caught off guard in the interview. While you cannot know every potential question,you should prepare answers about sales success, overcoming objections, and how to negotiate. These questions are commonly asked of sales representative candidates.

Examine your resume and find key points on it that fit well with the potential employer's goals, products, or services. If asked what your strengths are, discuss them specifically. This leads the interviewer in the direction of seeing how well you would fit in with the company. If the sales representative interview questions include being asked about weaknesses, choose a trait that is actually a plus. For example, discuss how on your last job you were sometimes called Mr. or Ms. Sales because you came in early and stayed late if that's what it took to get a customer to sign.


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