How do I Prepare for Bodybuilding Shows?

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Many weightlifters and fitness buffs spend years preparing for bodybuilding shows. There are several types of these kinds of events, from natural shows to extreme shows and from amateur shows to professional shows. No matter what type of bodybuilding show you are preparing for, there are several things to do during the week before the event. Some key items to consider are what you plan to wear, how you plan to pose, how you plan to eat and how you plan to prepare your body for competition.

Most bodybuilding shows require a specific type of posing trunks or bikini. For example, some organizations only allow solid-colored clothing. Thong bikinis and trunks typically are banned from shows. Make sure you understand the rules and regulations of your particular show, and then work within the guidelines to find the most flattering outfit. Choose colors that will flatter your skin tone and hair color, do not wear anything too tight or too loose, and always bring a backup outfit in the case of a malfunction or emergency.


Some people attend bodybuilding shows or competitions before they actually participate in one, in order to see what will be expected pose-wise. Poses exhibit the size of your muscles, muscular symmetry and definition. Each show has different posing requirements, and many have optional and mandatory poses. Practice your individual poses as well as your pose sequences for at least an hour a day. Do them in front of a mirror or videotape yourself to see how you look from head to toe, and observe your facial actions.

Bodybuilders have some of the strictest diets of all athletes, and many begin preparing for bodybuilding shows by changing their diets four months ahead of an event. Increase your sodium and water intake while decreasing your carbohydrates and calorie intake seven days before the show. Two days before the event, reduce your sodium intake levels by 50 percent. Cut out all sodium and water intake completely the day before the show, but load up on carbohydrates. On the actual day of the show, drink sodium-free water and snack on natural peanut butter, raw honey and rice cakes.

Bodybuilding shows are events that show off your muscles. This means that you need to prepare your body to look its best. Darker skin shows off definition better than lighter skin. Wax or shave your body hair, and then apply professional bodybuilding tanning spray, lotion or cream. Apply posing oil before you perform.


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