How Do I Prepare for an Organizational Behavior Test?

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People who study organizational behavior are interested in the ways in which people interact with one another in group situations. In the world of business, people who are interested in organizational behavior also study the ways in which departments function together within larger organizations, and even the ways in which organizations function in certain markets. Aspects of disciplines such as psychology, sociology, management, and communication come into play when studying organizational behavior.

To prepare for an organizational behavior test, it is important to become familiar with the material specific to a chapter or full course. You may also want to memorize key vocabulary words, concepts, and the names and accomplishments of individuals, such as philosophers and social scientists. When preparing for an organizational behavior test, it might also be a good idea to work with classmates or colleagues to create mock test questions, to present blank diagrams or charts so you can fill in labels, and to create or purchase organizational behavior flashcards.


The first step in preparing for an organizational behavior test usually includes reviewing relevant material. For example, if you are about take a comprehensive test that covers major concepts from an entire course, it probably is a good idea to learn which concepts your instructor feels are most important. If you are in an introduction to organizational behavior, for example, you might want to memorize the basic organizational models, such as autocratic and custodial models. If you are in a more specialized course, however, such as a management class, it probably is a good idea to learn about different management models and how they might function under greater and lesser degrees of socialization and individualization among staff members.

When studying for an organizational behavior test, it almost always is a good idea to choose activities that enable you to remain stimulated. While reading texts over and over to memorize information can be helpful to a degree, it also is important to speak terms and explain concepts aloud. You might want to form study groups with your classmates. Takes turns composing mock tests based on information each of you imagines might be on a test and then take turns answering questions. These kinds of activities can be fun and they also can inspire productive conversation about key ideas that might give you a better grasp on organizational behavior test material.

Before your organizational behavior test, as before any exam, it is important to get a good night's sleep and to eat well. Many experts believe that by taking these steps, you can go into your test with a sharper brain and stronger memory. If you suffer from test anxiety, it is a good idea to learn some basic coping mechanisms that can help you to concentrate on the material at hand, such as breathing exercises.


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