How do I Prepare for a Pharmacy Technician Interview?

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The best way to prepare for a pharmacy technician interview is to create a good resume, dress accordingly, and to practice answering common questions discussed in many interviews. You may choose to have someone help you by reading over your resume and asking a series of questions so you can determine what to say and how to say it. Make sure you have a list of references handy to give information to your potential employer about your work ethics, past experience, and accomplishments.

Crafting and perfecting a good resume is the first, and one of the most important ways to prepare for your pharmacy technician interview. Resumes should include past work experience, educational achievements and degrees received, and a list of your skills and accomplishments. If you do not have any experience working in a pharmacy, you should include any work history you do have. In the event that you have never had a job before, you should include clubs joined while in school, volunteer activities, and other relevant details exhibiting your competency. Be sure you do not overembellish or lie on your resume, and include references to vouch for all of your accomplishments.


Once you have your resume written, you will want to practice your interview skills. Have a friend or family member stand in for the employer, and have him ask you several questions that a potential manager might ask. This is an excellent way to prepare for a pharmacy technician interview, because it will give you the chance to practice thinking on your feet, making eye contact, and giving a firm handshake. It is important to display confidence, and having a friend take mental notes on your behavior may help you to improve your overall demeanor.

Finally, choose the outfit your will wear to your pharmacy technician interview. Women should wear modest clothing, usually business attire, and should refrain from any flashy jewelry or makeup. Men should generally wear casual business attire, such as a collared shirt and slacks. Both parties should avoid wearing overly bright colors and should be sure to cover any tattoos if possible. Hair should be neatly styled and should not be dyed any non-naturalg colors.

Make sure you arrive for your pharmacy technician interview on time, and have any necessary materials ready and easily accessible. Turn your mobile phone off or put it on silent mode so there will be no interruptions. Finally, try to relax and display your unique personality so the hiring party can get a good idea of who you are as a person and how you might get along with coworkers.


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