How do I Prepare for a Drug Urine Test?

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There are several drug testing methods, such as blood analysis and saliva analysis. However, urine analysis tends to be the most common type. This method is often inexpensive when compared to other methods and it is effective. If you are scheduled to take a drug test, unless you have been informed otherwise, it is reasonable to assume that it will be a urine analysis. You should prepare for it by being knowledgeable and drug free.

The drug urine test you need to take may be used to make important decisions in your life, such as whether or not you will keep your job, get a job, or go to jail. Therefore, you need to take it seriously. If you know that you will be tested, you need to stop using any illegal or prohibited drugs.

There are various strategies people have developed that allegedly allow a person to continue using drugs and still pass a drug urine test. Many of the people who endorse these methods are clueless about how these tests actually work. Relying on these tactics is not an indication that you are serious about your testing, and they could cause you problems.


Furthermore, even if you are using drugs and you decide to stop before your test, you need to make sure that you do so far enough in advance. The amount of time required for your system to clear can depend upon a number of factors, and the type of drugs you used is one of them. You need to find out how long the substances you used remain in the body. Expect to find some discrepancies when researching this information.

If you have used drugs and are not sure whether you stopped early enough to pass the drug urine test, you can try to test yourself. There are home drug testing kits available for this. Be aware, however, that these may not be as accurate as the drug urine test you are scheduled to take.

Make sure you are hydrated immediately before the test. Try not to use the bathroom while you are en route or in the waiting room. Saying that you cannot urinate is likely to extend the process and make you seem suspicious. On the contrary, do not drink excessive amounts of water. This is a tactic sometimes used by people who are trying to beat the drug urine test, and it may also generate suspicion.

Be prepared for the fact that you may not be alone when you provide your specimen. Many people find it difficult to urinate knowing others are present or listening. However, many testing procedures require someone to accompany those who provide specimens to make sure they do not try to pull any stunts.


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Personally, I'm torn on the whole mandatory drug testing issue, regardless of the method. As long as a person's outside activities don't affect their work performance, I really don't feel a need to know. However, if public safety is somehow involved, I would like some assurance that a pilot or driver is not impaired by drug use.

If someone is honestly concerned about passing a drug urine test, then there's probably a good reason for that. I feel if a person gets employed at a place where random drug testing is practiced, he or she should view it as a wake-up call. I'd also like to know if the company has a solid plan in place if an employee does indeed fail a drug urine test. Immediate termination shouldn't be the only remedy.

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