How Do I Prepare for a BPO Interview?

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To prepare well for a BPO interview, someone who is working on a career involving business process outsourcing should combine a thorough knowledge of industry conventions and relative skills with excellent interview preparation techniques. Business process outsourcing, or BPO, is a specific kind of business-to-business phenomenon, and those who display many of the relevant skills and have the right kind of experience are desirable candidates for these job roles. The job applicant should prepare a clear and relevant resume as well as a good verbal pitch related to skills, experience, and qualifications for BPO related work.

In showcasing skill and experience related to BPO, it helps to have an advanced understanding of specialization in this area. For example, in a BPO interview, try to distinguish between the types of projects that involve domestic BPO, or outsourcing within a country, from other projects in international BPO, where a wide range of additional factors present themselves. Those who want to work in international BPO should demonstrate skill in dealing with cross-cultural business connections during their BPO interview and try to match the questions that are asked.


Another good step in specializing a BPO job pitch is specifying experience in different types of BPO. General BPO involves outsourcing any given factor in business operations. Many of the most generic kinds of BPO involve setting up call centers to handle mundane aspects of customer relations that don’t involve a lot of technical expertise or complexity. Other kinds of BPO, such as knowledge process outsourcing, or KPO, relate to outsourcing very technical roles. It’s in the applicant’s best interests to define these differently and appeal to job positions related to either one or the other, where a BPO interview might be oriented either way.

A wide variety of general interview practice tips also apply to a BPO interview. These include anticipating questions that are specific to B2B practices. The applicant should also know how to ask the right questions of a potential employer, and should perform some research on the company in advance of the interview. Coming up with good impromptu responses to more complex scenario based questions is another good way to prepare. The more general knowledge of BPO an applicant has, the better he or she is likely to do at any given BPO interview.


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