How do I Plan a Green Wedding?

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Planning a green wedding involves choosing eco-conscious vendors and products as well as minimizing waste. A green wedding may be held in a variety of locations, though consideration for the natural surroundings would also be a priority. Finding ways to reduce the consumption of resources for both the wedding party and immediate family as well as out-of-town guests contributes to the ecological theme and demonstrates the bridal couple's commitment to the environmental cause.

Many couples choose to honor their convictions about environmentalism by being mindful in their selection of wedding vendors. Some may turn to a green wedding planner who is well acquainted with local green caterers and other environmentally friendly goods and services. Depending on the bridal couple's tastes and ideology, they may work with their caterer to develop a menu of organic and sustainably grown or raised foods. They may also choose to have their wedding during daylight hours so as to reduce the need for electricity. If they have their wedding in a natural setting, they may wish to work with vendors to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Another aspect of a green wedding is the fact that many out-of-town guests and bridal party members may have to drive or fly long distances to attend the wedding. This can burn up a lot of fuel. The bridal couple may therefore wish to have their wedding location closest to the majority of friends and family, even if they themselves no longer live in that area.


One particularly effective green wedding strategy is to reduce the amount of new items that are purchased for the wedding. In addition, items that are purchased for the wedding ideally should be reusable. For example, many bridesmaids dresses are purchased and then worn only once. Brides having a green wedding could ask their bridesmaids to buy dresses that can be worn after the wedding in a coordinating color. Brides may also ask their fiancées to choose an antique or vintage ring or wedding set rather than a newly created ring. The bride and groom may also wish to consider the items on their wedding registry list, choosing gifts that are environmentally responsible.

Many wedding floral arrangements are made from flowers that are imported from distant countries and grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. At a green wedding, the couple could request that flowers be used and arrangements be seasonal and ideally be locally grown. Wedding invitations are now available on recycled paper and can be printed with soy ink. If it is a very small wedding, a couple may choose to forgo paper invitations entirely and simply invite guests via e-mail or telephone.


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