How Do I Organize a Yacht Wedding?

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A yacht wedding can be a very elegant affair, and organizing this type of wedding can be rather fun. The first thing you will need when you organize a yacht wedding is, obviously, a yacht. You should then figure out how many guests you will have, and decide if the yacht will be moving or stationary. Invitations and decorations can either have a nautical theme or be very simple and elegant. The final touch of a yacht wedding should be the “Just Married” sign affixed to the back of the boat.

Obtaining a vessel for a yacht wedding can be easy and inexpensive, or it can be difficult and expensive. It will typically be much easier to organize this sort of wedding if you already have access to a yacht. If you or a close friend own the boat, it will be much easier to organize an inexpensive wedding. It can be quite difficult and expensive to obtain a yacht when you do not own one. In many coastal areas, yachts are available to rent, though this can be very expensive.

When you organize a yacht wedding, you must keep the size of the boat in mind. Safety regulations will limit the number of people legally allowed on a yacht at one time. This means small yachts may require a smaller guest list. Also, do not forget to consider the number of people who will be helping with the wedding, including photographers and servers.


You must decide if you want your yacht wedding to be mobile or stationary. Yachts that are stationary and anchored may be more tolerable for individuals with a tendency to get seasick. Mobile yachts, on the other hand, will provide the wedding party and guests with constantly changing scenery.

When sending out invitations, consider the theme of the yacht wedding. Invitations shaped like anchors or ship's steering wheels can be fun for a nautical-themed wedding. You may also want to have a more playful motif, such as a pirate theme. This may seem cheesy to some, but guests may have fun dressing up as pirates for a day.

On the other hand, plain elegant invitations can also be used. Traditional white wedding invitations can be used for a yacht wedding. A deep sea blue, however, can help add a splash of color to the wedding.

According to many wedding planners, decorations for a yacht wedding should be simple, yet elegant. A few table centerpieces made from silk flowers should suffice. Flower garlands can also be used to line the pier and ramp heading to the yacht. If you will be using a pirate theme, however, you could use small treasure chests filled with chocolate coins for centerpieces.

No wedding would be complete without a “Just Married” sign attached to the back of a vessel. This message can be painted onto a large piece of cardboard and laminated before being tied to the back of the yacht. A large sheet with weights on the bottom can also be used.


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