How Do I Match Lipstick Color with Lip Liner Color?

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There are several different ways to match your lipstick with your lip liner color, and each method will give you a slightly different look. For deeper lipstick colors, look for a liner that is one to two shades darker for the best color payoff. When you’re creating a lighter or nude lip, opt for a lip liner color that is slightly lighter to reduce the impact of your natural lip color. If you’re using a product that is sheer or you want to achieve a wash of color, choose a liner that is a close match to your natural lips. In the event that you want to alter the shade of the lipstick that you are using, choose a liner accordingly.

Lip liner is essential when creating a darker lip, as it can prevent the lipstick from bleeding outside of the lip line and can help the color to last longer. Opt for a lip liner color that is slightly darker than the lipstick that you are using. This will help the product to appear true-to-color on your lips, as well as make it easier to create a distinct edge for the color, which can help to prevent feathering. Only go lighter than the lipstick if you want to tone down the end color, or if you are going for more of a stain rather than a deep, finished lip.


When it comes to light lipsticks, the end look can often appear as a wash of color rather than a truly light lip. Typically, this occurs when your natural lip color is darker than the lipstick that you are using. If this is the case, choose a lip liner that is one shade lighter than the lipstick, as this will help to create a lighter base, reducing the impact that your natural coloring has on the finished look, letting the lipstick’s color come through fully.

A lip liner in a shade that is a perfect match to your bare lips is one of the best products that you can add to your makeup collection. A nude lip liner color will provide you with all of the benefits of using a liner, such as increased staying power for your lipstick, without having much of an effect on your lipstick’s color; for day-to-day looks, this is usually ideal. You can achieve the same look of applying a quick swipe of lipstick, which is often most natural-looking, while still limiting the amount of times that you have to touch-up your makeup throughout the day.

Lip liner can also be used to change the color of your lipstick. If this is your intent, choose a liner that has the shades or tones that you want in your lipstick. This can be especially helpful if you purchase a product and, upon taking it home, realize that it doesn’t suit you. For example, if you are looking to warm up a too-cool red lipstick, choose a lip liner color that has a peach or even orange undertone. You can deepen a lighter pink with a red lip liner, or tone down a brown lipstick with a plum or cool red liner. Changing your lip liner and lipstick combination can give you endless color options when it comes to your makeup.


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I use a lipliner that is no more than one shade darker than my natural lip, no matter what color of lipstick I am using. The reason for this is because it is much easier to fix mistakes with a more nude liner, and if my lipstick comes off, I don't have this dark line around lighter lips. That may have been a popular trend in the 80s, but it's not now.

I may go one shade lighter in the summer, but in general, I stick with a liner that is very close to the shade of my natural lip. My two favorites are the Rimmel lipliners in Wild Clover and Spice. I also venture to a pinker liner by Maybelline, but the Rimmel liners are my go-to products.

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