How Do I Make Unique Desserts?

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Although you can find ideas for making unique desserts by watching cooking shows on television, buying specialty cookbooks and browsing the Internet, you might also find it helpful to enroll in a baking class. When creating unique desserts, mix things up by substituting commonly used fruit for more exotic fruits, such as passion fruit, kiwi or papaya. You might like to try preparing unique desserts from different cultures to complement an International-inspired dinner entree. For an alternative to baking, you can use your blender to make specialty desserts like nutritional and unique fruit smoothies with unconventional ingredients.

It may be fun to enroll in a cooking class that focuses on creating unique desserts and sweets. If you have a child who shares your interest, this may be something both of you can enjoy together. Don't forget to bring along a notebook for taking note of how to create unique homemade desserts.

When you prepare international dinner entrees at home, consider whipping up a unique dessert to cap it off. For instance, an Italian-style meal may be followed by a specialty Italian dessert, such as homemade tiramisu or Italian cheesecake. If you plan on serving Indian food, try making kheer, which is an Indian version of rice pudding made with coconut, almonds and pistachio nuts. Recipes for making these sweet desserts can be found online.


Single-sized portion cups may turn an ordinary dessert into something more special. Try making single sized chocolate cheesecake cups, but add different ingredients to modify the recipe a bit. You might want to try ingredients such as Greek style yogurt to give the cheesecake a thicker texture.

Think of how you may modify traditional recipes to create specialty desserts. For instance, instead of serving chocolate mousse, try a fruit flavored mousse. Pineapple mousse may add an exotic twist to the ordinary. This might be a fun idea for an Hawaiian themed party or luau. If you'd like to try exotic fruit desserts, consider making mango ambrosia, made with the pulp of mango, fresh pineapple and bananas. You may also need cream and powdered sugar to make this dessert.

Although desserts aren't commonly made in a blender, you might want to consider making unique sweets this way. Try making banana pudding using your blender, and top it off with shaved chocolate. Smoothies and slushies are other dessert treats you might consider when using a blender.


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Post 6

@croydon-- I agree with you. Unique is good but taken too far, it may end up as weird or unappetizing. A friend of mine makes chocolates. He wanted to make something unique so he took inspiration from the tequila with worm drink and made a chocolate with a piece of worm inside. Yes, it was unique. Did people want to eat it? Not really.

Post 5

I make unique desserts by switching ingredients. It's a great idea and the desserts turn out great most of the time. For example, just the other day, I made a tart with persimmon puree instead of peach. It turned out delicious and everyone was asking what the fruit was. They had never heard of a persimmon tart before.

Post 4

Some people invent their own recipes. They play around with recipes or make them from scratch. I think that's fabulous but I don't have the creativity to do that. So when I'm looking for a unique dessert recipe, I reach out to recipes from other countries. I love trying desserts from different parts of the world. I'm very open minded that way and I think I've tasted some amazing desserts as a result.

I suggest the same for others looking for something out of the ordinary for their menu. Look up desserts from other parts of the world. Right now I'm into Chinese desserts. I'm learning so much. My next project is "mooncakes" which are dense, delicious little cakes filled with sweet bean paste and other fillings that the Chinese make for new year celebrations.

Post 3

@Ana1234 - I find that people want desserts to be extravagant or comforting, so I try for either extreme. The ironic thing is that extravagant often means some kind of minimalism, but that doesn't mean you can't experiment. Usually for me that involves looking up recipes online and tweaking them a little bit, or buying a new kind of essence from the gourmet food store.

But I like the comforting foods better. Just the other week I was too tired to make anything else, so we had cinnamon toast for the first time and it was delicious and a really perfect dessert (especially once we brought out a can of whipped cream).

I personally think that unique desserts just depend on a personal touch more than being experimental. Putting a couple of edible flowers onto a plate along with the dessert would impress me more than a bunch of strange ingredients.

Post 2

@croydon - It depends on the kind of dessert you're talking about though. When I was a kid we used to make these extravagant smoothies where we basically added anything that was at all plausible in a smoothie into the blender, including chocolate, yogurt, fruit, custard powder and so forth. It didn't always turn out perfectly, but it was usually pretty good. Maybe not something I would serve to guests these days, but they weren't exactly wasted either.

Post 1

Most of the time I find that the best kinds of experiments with cooking are relatively simple. That goes double for desserts, because they are usually already fairly intense flavors and mixing them up too much is just going to make a mess rather than enhance them.

Experiment with a single ingredient, like making lattices from chocolate, or adding a different kind of fruit. But don't add every kind of fruit you've got in the bowl to one dish.

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