How Do I Make Straight Hair Curly?

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The best way to make straight hair curly involves testing the various options to see which works best. Sponge rollers and making tiny buns are two ways to get curls without involving heat. Using a curling iron is one of the easiest methods for getting various sized curls. These three methods create temporary curls while getting a perm is a semi-permanent method.

Foam rollers, also known as sponge rollers, can help with making straight hair curly. The hair should be slightly damp when starting. Take a small section of hair that fits evenly into the roller, then start from the tips and roll the hair up until it gets to the roots. Put the roller lock in place, then continue doing the rest of the hair. Sleep with the rollers in overnight if possible; otherwise, leave them in for several hours.

Another option for making straight hair curly is to create small twisted buns. Starting at the center part, grab a small section of hair and twist it from root to tip. When the piece is completely twisted, start wrapping it around the base of the section until there is a small and tight twisted bun formed. Secure it in place with one or two bobby pins, then continue the process until all the hair is in little buns. Leave it in for several hours so the curls have a chance to form.


A curling iron is the quickest way to make straight hair curly. The larger the barrel of the curling iron, the larger and more loose the curls are going to be. Put the hair up in a hair claw to start working with the hair underneath. Grab a small section of hair, and while holding the curling iron open, hold the tip of the hair and wrap it around the barrel. Leave it in place for at least ten seconds, then release the curl without pulling it.

Getting a perm, which is a chemical treatment performed at home or by a stylist, is an additional option for making straight hair curly, but not everyone is a good candidate for it. Those who have very thin or extremely damaged or processed hair may want to refrain from this option, as it could damage the hair further or not even take as well as expected. The process takes approximately two hours but it takes around a day for the perm to fully set. It will last about six months, at which time the process will have to be repeated.

While the hair is still straight, use mousse specifically meant for forming curls. After the curls are in place, use a shine serum or finishing creme to help keep them from frizzing. Flip the hair upside down and spray underneath with hairspray, then flip the hair back over to spray the top.


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Post 3

@Fa5t3r - I've got to admit I don't really like the look of fake curls on someone who has naturally straight hair. It never looks right, probably because the curls are too well kept to be natural.

I'm a big fan of just embracing the natural hair that you've got. But then, that might just be because I really don't enjoy spending hours on my own hair.

And I guess I probably don't really know if the average girl with curly hair has natural curls or not. I only notice if they look unnatural.

Post 2

@croydon - Combining that with a bit of hair product that is intended to promote curl would probably help, although I suspect most of those products are really just to stop frizz, rather than to actually make the hair curl more.

Post 1

If you've got naturally wavy hair anyway, application of heat while it's drying might help it to curl. I don't mean a hair dryer, unless you've got a really good diffuser, because a hair dryer is probably going to move the hair around too much for it to form good curls.

I mean sitting out in the sun, or in a warm car or something while your hair dries.

This probably isn't going to do much if you've got very straight or very long hair, but I know if I sun-dry my hair on a hot day it tends to go curly.

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