How Do I Make Hair Bows?

G. Wiesen

There are a number of different ways in which you can make hair bows, depending on the type of bow you want to make and the supplies you have available. A very simple hair bow can be made by using a piece of ribbon and tying it around a gathering of hair, such as that used to make a ponytail, and tying it into a bow. You can also make more complicated bows by using ribbon to create a bow and then attaching it to a clip. If you want to make hair bows in this way, you typically need a clip, ribbon, a needle, and thread.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Since there many different ways to make hair bows, you should consider what types of bows you want to make. Simple hair bows, for example, usually require little more than a piece of ribbon or a thin strip of fabric. You can tie hair into a bunch, such as a ponytail, and while you can use a bow to hold this hair in place, it may be easier to use a hair tie or band. Once the hair is bunched, then you can make hair bows simply by tying the ribbon or fabric around the hair tie and creating a bow with it.

You can also make hair bows that are somewhat more complicated, though they can also easily be reused. These hair bows are typically made by creating a bow — such as a loopy bow or korker bow — and then connecting it to a hair clip or hairpin. Different types of bows can be made in numerous ways, though simple bows can be made by tying a ribbon into a basic bow. You can then use a needle and thread to sew this bow together, ensuring it will not come untied. A hair clip can be connected to the bow by gluing or sewing it together.

Using this basic setup, you can then make hair bows in a number of different styles, depending on the types of bows you like. There are numerous patterns and guides for making these bows available in books and on Internet sites. Many of these bows are fairly simple to create, and often leave room for you to add your own personal touches and style to them through your choice of ribbon type, color, and width and variations you make on the bow itself. You can also typically make hair bows that reflect your style by attaching buttons and other decorations.

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@MedicineBall - It sounds like Ill have to buy a glue gun. I'm not very good at making small clay things, but I'm sure that I can buy some at the craft store. I'm sure other moms learn how to make hair bows for their girls with bobbles on them.

I've heard of that fashion style, it's called "Gothic Lolita." It's actually very pretty and only about half of it is really Gothic -- but they all love hair bows! I've imitated some of the hair bows that the Lolita stores sell. They have ones with tea cups on them too. You should look at them for inspiration.


@minthybear19 - That sounds adorable. What a nice keepsake.

I use thread loops for the hair pins, but I also make little bobbles out of clay to glue on to them. I use modeling clay and make tiny little teddy bears and animal faces.

I bake them and then hot glue them onto the middle of the hair bows. My daughter is into a style of Japanese clothing that looks like doll clothes, so she loves cute little hair bows.

She had me make a hair bow with a tiny teacup on it for some fashion show she was doing. I showed her how to make hair bows and now she's making hair bows with ribbons and lace.


@Almita - I use a hot glue gun. I make the little bow and then I just dab a tiny bit of hot glue on the bottom. Just press it onto the hair pin and taa daa. A custom hair bow. You can glue lace and little bells and things on them too – the glue gun makes it really easy.

I made matching hair bows for my three little cousins for Christmas last year. They were red plaid bows with lace around them on green hair clips. They looked so cute together! My aunts said that they are going to keep the bows as keepsakes since the kids liked them so much.


Thanks, now I know how to make a hair bow! I make hair bows for my daughter, since she can match them to her outfit exactly.

I make a cute little bow out of ribbon or a scrap of cloth that matches her clothes, then I use a drop or two of super glue to glue it to the hair clip. They come out perfect!

But the bows fall off after a few uses -- does anyone know of a better way to hook the bows to the hair pins? Should I tie the bow to the pin with a loop of thread instead?

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