How Do I Make Bubble Bath?

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It’s possible to make bubble bath with the simple base ingredients of liquid soap, a skin softener such as glycerin, and essential oils for fragrance. Additional ingredients can be added to customize the product to treat issues, such as sea salt for aching muscles or coconut oil for dehydrated skin. A sealable plastic bottle with a pouring spout is best for the bubble bath in case the container accidentally falls into the water or onto the floor. A more unconventional option is making a solid bubble bath bar.

Castile soap, a skin-safe, olive-oil-based liquid soap, serves as an excellent base to make bubble bath. Glycerin soap is added to provide lather and skin softening properties, and then the two ingredients should be thinned out with the addition of water. Purchased body-approved liquid soaps of any sort can be used in place of this combination, though unscented is best as it allows for scent customization.

Additional ingredients can be added if a specific condition needs treating. Sea salts may help to ease muscle aches or inflammation, while coconut oil can replace the glycerin to make the bubble bath formula even more hydrating for dry skin. Ingredients that could spoil, such as milk, shouldn’t be used in a bubble bath recipe unless it’s a small portion that’s being used immediately.


Essential oils can be added in small amounts to make bubble bath have an aromatherapy scent. Eucalyptus, peppermint, or spearmint oil are scents thought to energize and may help to clear up congestion. Lavender is thought to be relaxing, while jasmine and vanilla are seductive scents.

After the ingredients to make bubble bath are well-combined, they can be poured into a bathroom-safe container for storage and use. A large plastic bottle with a pop-up spout is best as it can close easily and won’t break if it accidentally falls. Empty shampoo bottles can be rinsed out and recycled for this purpose as well. The spout should be small enough to allow for a controlled slow pour, as very little product will be needed for a bubble bath.

A more unconventional method to make bubble bath, which is also more difficult, is to create small bars that can be dropped in the bath to dissolve in a similar manner to a bath bomb. This recipe requires the use of the powdered skin-safe chemical sodium laurel sulfoacetate, as well as sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar with glycerin added for the lather and the essential oils for scent. The combination is spooned into small molds and allowed to set before the pieces can be stored in a plastic tub with a lid near the bathtub.


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Post 3

Putting a little bit of oil into the bubble bath mixture like coconut or almond oil is great for skin. But the issue is that the oil kills the bubbles, so the result might not really be a bubble bath.

I think the bubble bath mixture needs to be mostly soap in order to create nice, foamy bubbles. The more moisturizing ingredients it has like oil, the less bubbly the bath.

Post 2

@stoneMason-- That might not be a good idea unless you have an all natural hand soap or shower gel with natural ingredients.

Unfortunately, most hand soaps have chemicals and alcohol and dry out skin. So it's not the best option for a bubble bath. And if the soap has a fragrance, then the bubble bath will of course be in that fragrance. You won't be able to add your own. But if you have an all-natural, fragrance-free hand soap, then that's fine, although the bubble bath may end up being more expensive.

If you like bubble baths and prepare them often, you will save money if you buy a large bottle of castile soap which you can get at some stores as well as online. It will last you a long time.

I make my own bubble bath with castile soap, a little bit of olive oil and lavender oil. It's very soothing, relaxing and moisturizing.

Post 1

I don't have castile soap or glycerin at home. Can I use hand soap or shower gel instead for a homemade bubble bath? Will it work?

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