How Do I Make an Anonymous Call?

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Making an anonymous call usually involves dialing specific keys prior to making a call, setting certain features on your phone, or purchasing specialized software which is designed to hide your call's identity. Most phone providers allow these features, but if you are unsure about your phone's capabilities, check with your phone company. Before attempting to make an anonymous call, you should test the strategies or tricks you are using on a caller ID enabled phone to ensure that they worked.

One way to make an anonymous call is to dial *67 before dialing the number. On a home or land line phone, there should be a double dial tone or skip in the sound after you press the keys. It is then safe to dial the number. On a cell phone you should dial *67 followed by a one and then the number you want to call beginning with the area code and then hit the "send" key. This should cause the caller I.D. of the person you dialed to read "restricted" or "unknown."


Your cell phone may also have a feature where you can go in and hide your number. This may be under security options, but the exact location of this feature will vary from phone to phone. When you find it, select "hide my number" or a similar option. Some phones may not have this option, so check if your owners manual or call your mobile phone provider for instructions. They may also give you further instructions on making an anonymous call.

If those tactics don't work, there are devices and software you can purchase which claim to allow you to make an anonymous call from any phone. These devices may also allow you to key in a fake name and number which will show up on the recipient's caller I.D.. Some of these item also have voice changing technology which allow women to sound like men and vice versa, although they are not always entirely realistic. If you are making a one-time call, it may not be worth the money required to purchase one of these devices.

You should never use these tricks to make prank phone calls or similar activities. They are meant for situations like when you are calling a business but don't want them to call you back. For instance, you may call to inquire about a product or service but don't want a call back if you decide against a purchase.


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