How Do I Make a Paper Chef Hat?

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There are a few different methods you can use to make a paper chef hat, depending on the style you want to make and the materials you have available. One of the most common and popular styles includes a band that fits around the head and a large, puffy top. This is typically made using a piece of poster board for the band, and several sheets of tissue paper that are taped to the top of it and formed into the puffy shape. A tall, plain paper chef hat can be made using similar materials, though tissue paper is generally replaced by a paper bag for this style.

The method you use to make a paper chef hat is going to depend a great deal upon the style that you want to make. One of the most common types is modeled after the toque blanche or "white hat" worn by many chefs. This consists of a band that goes around the head of the wearer, as well as a top that can be designed in a few different ways. The topping of many styles of paper chef hat is designed to be puffy and large, which is a style commonly seen in depictions of chefs.


A paper chef hat typically begins with a piece of poster board that is cut into a long strip; this is the band that is going to wrap around the wearer's head. The band is bent around the top of the head of the intended wearer, to get the proper fitting, and then held in place using tap or paper clips. Tissue paper, usually one to three sheets, is taped or glued into this band, folded across, and connected to the rest of the top of it. This is fluffed out to make the top of the paper chef hat, formed and fitted for appearance, and then tape can be replaced with glue for a final hold.

Somewhat simpler designs of paper chef hat, which are usually taller and do not include the puffy top part, can be made in a similar way. The poster board is still used to form the band, but a paper bag, usually white, is placed on top of this and taped or glued to it. This forms the top of the hat, allowing it to stand upright and it can be folded or creased to form pleats. Since these designs are made from paper, kids can easily make their own hats, and use crayons or markers to decorate and personalize each one.


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