How Do I Make a Messy Hair Bun?

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A messy hair bun is an extremely versatile hairstyle that can suit both casual and formal occasions with little or no hassle. Some women prefer to create a smooth look over the majority of the head where the hair is pulled back and leave the bun itself messy, while others like the look of having the whole hairstyle messy. Both styles can easily accommodate decorative accessories that add femininity and style to the messy bun.

To create a messy hair bun in the back with a smooth, put-together look on the top and sides of the head, it is easiest to first pull the hair back into a smooth ponytail. This can be pulled tight or left a little bit loose as desired. Add styling products to the hair coming out of the ponytail, and lightly tease some of the hair with a comb or brush. At this point, you can either wrap the hair around the ponytail band or twist the hair so that the middle of the strands form a small pouch at the bottom with the ends sticking up, and then secure it with bobby pins or decorative clips. If you want to make the bun look even messier, pull small sections of hair out of the bun so that the ends stick out.


If you prefer the whole hairstyle to be messy, including the pulled-back hair on the top and sides of the head, it will take a little bit of extra preparation, but it is still an easy style to create. While your hair is loose, apply gel, mousse, or other products to the hair to add plenty of texture. Some women choose to tease some areas with a comb or brush to add volume and extra texture before pulling the hair back into a ponytail. In this case, it is best to leave the starting ponytail a little bit looser than normal. Then, follow the same steps as for the smoother look, and finish off the messy hair bun with a little bit of hairspray to keep all of the looser areas from falling out of the bun.

You can choose to either add stylish accessories such as clips, pins, chopsticks, and other items to the messy hair bun or leave it plain for a very quick, easy hairstyle. Some women pin or clip hair extensions, either the same color as their hair or a contrasting color, into their hair before pulling it back into a bun to add extra volume, thickness, and splashes of interesting color. Others enjoy using pre-styled "messy bun" hair pieces that can be stretched around a regular, neat bun to instantly add a messy effect.


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