How Do I Make a Henna Cone?

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A henna cone is a hollow, cone-shaped tube made of acetate film or thick plastic used to dispense henna dye. The broad end is open to accept the henna paste, while the narrow end has an opening generally no larger than the head of a pin. Mehndi artists often favor henna cones because they’re disposable and relatively easy to make. When making a henna cone, you must first cut the film or plastic to size and then roll it into the proper shape. After securing it with adhesive tape, you can fill it with henna paste.

The first step in making a henna cone usually involves cutting your cone material to size. A square of acetate or thick plastic, such as that from a freezer bag, usually works well. Scissors should be sharp to avoid ragged edges. Cut the material into a square measuring about 7 inches (about 14 cm) along each side. The edges should be as straight as possible to make rolling the material easier.

Spread a henna cone square out flat on a clean surface. Grip the lower left corner of the square and bring it up toward the center of the square’s top edge. This should form the left side of a downward-pointing triangle. Pinch the lower right corner of the square and bring it up toward the center of the square’s top edge. You should now have a triangle with the point directed at you.


Continue gripping the two corners from the above step. Slip the left corner under the right corner so they overlap. Begin sliding the right corner to the left and the left corner to the right. The body of the triangle should begin to tighten into a cone, while the point becomes snug and sharp. When the cone looks like a party hat, secure it tape. The tape should seal up all of the edges on the body of the henna cone to prevent leaks.

Using a plastic spoon, scoop up some henna paste and slip it into the cone. Gently push the paste into the point of the henna cone with the tip of the spoon. Continue filling the cone with paste this way until it is about two-thirds full. At this point, you may gently fold the open end of the cone closed and secure it with more tape. The henna should stay fresh in the refrigerator for about a week. To use your henna cone right away, snip away the very tip of the cone with sharp scissors and gently squeeze the cone to create a long, thin line of paste.


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