How Do I Make a Hair Bun?

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The bun is a classic hairdo which can be styled to suit any occasion. Creating a basic hair bun is a very simple process which requires just a brush, an elastic band, some bobby pins, and a bit of styling spray. Once you have mastered the basic bun, you can experiment with a number of variations on the style, such as messy buns, braided buns, and low or side buns. Even if you have short hair, you may be able to create a full hair bun using just a little ingenuity and an unexpected tool: a tube sock.

With a little practice, you will likely soon find that creating a basic hair bun is a simple process. To begin, gather a brush, an elastic band, bobby pins, and some styling spray. Use the brush to gather your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head, securing it with the elastic band if desired. Then, twist the hair from top to bottom and begin coiling it around itself to form a bun shape. Secure the bun to the crown of your head with bobby pins, and spray the finished bun with styling spray to help hold it in place.


Once you have mastered the basic hair bun, you can experiment with a number of variations on the style. For instance, you can make a messy bun by pulling your hair into a pony tail, securing it with an elastic band, and then tucking the ends beneath the elastic band in a random fashion. To create an unusual hair bun, you can try braiding your hair before coiling it into a bun shape. You can also try altering the bun’s positioning, forming it at the nape of your neck or over one of your ears.

Even if your hair is short, you may be able to create a full hair bun using just some ingenuity, an old, clean tube sock, and a few other styling accessories. Begin by cutting the “tube” section away from the bottom section of the sock, and then roll the tube into a “donut” shape. Gather your hair into a ponytail, stick it through the “donut,” and then drop your head forward, spreading your hair evenly over the “donut.” Now use an elastic band to secure the hair around the “donut,” and hide any protruding ends beneath the bun with bobby pins. If you are having difficulty creating your own “sock bun,” you may find it easier to have another person help you perform the final styling steps.


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