How do I Make a Crochet Pillow?

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A crochet pillow can add a unique, homemade touch that compliments any decor. The most common way to make a crochet pillow involves crocheting a basic block to sew onto the front of an existing pillow. If you don't want to use an existing pillow, you can also crochet two identical blocks, sew them together, add a lining if desired, and stuff them with poly fill. A basic square pillow has a simple, straightforward construction that makes it perfect for a beginning crafter. Because of its small size, a crochet pillow is a good project to take with you when you're on the go.

The first step is deciding what type of pillow to make. There are endless varieties of pillows for different purposes - accent pillows for your living room, standard-size pillow covers for the bedroom, neck-roll pillows to keep in your car for long drives. For a child learning to crochet, a smaller pillow for her dolls or stuffed animals makes a fun first project. If you have a favorite afghan pattern, a coordinating pillow adds the perfect finishing touch.


Next, choose the type of yarn you will use for your crochet pillow. Pillows can be made using the finest cotton crochet thread to the thickest chunky yarns, and everything in between. If you want your pillow to maintain a more rigid shape, such as the rolled shape of a neck pillow, you will want to choose yarns with very little stretch, such as pure cotton or wool. If you prefer a little more flexibility while you're working, acrylic yarns and acrylic blends have more give, which allows you to customize how firmly or softly you want the pillow to be stuffed. Since pillows are small projects, they're a great way to try out the more expensive novelty yarns like feather, fur, and eyelash yarn, without breaking your budget.

Crochet the block you have chosen as your pattern. Sew a single block directly onto an existing pillow, using standard or nylon thread. If you are making a double-sided pillow, crochet two blocks and whipstitch them together on three sides, leaving one side open. Sew in a lining if needed, and then stuff with either a pre-formed foam shape, or loose-fill poly stuffing. Sew the remaining side closed.

There are many places to find easy patterns for a crochet pillow. Check out the free pattern sheets found at your local retailer, or search the internet for a wide variety of patterns suitable for all types of yarn. Don't limit yourself to pillow patterns; any crochet pattern that uses a block design can be adapted to make a pillow. You can also make up your own design using basic single crochet stitches, or use this project to practice pattern stitches such as V-stitch or popcorn stitch. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination help you create something one-of-a-kind, customized exactly how you like it.


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