How Do I Make a Crayon Roll?

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When storing crayons, one good option is a crayon roll. To make a crayon roll, all that is need is two pieces of long fabric, a piece of long ribbon, and sewing machine. The pieces of fabric can be folded in two and sewn together, with a smaller one on top of a larger one. Pockets can then be created by sewing from the bottom of the fabric to the edges of the smaller piece of fabric. A length of ribbon can then be folded in half, and attached to the edge of the crayon roll, so it can be tied shut.

You will need a few basic materials to make a crayon roll. The two pieces of fabric should be same length, but one should be wider than the other. Also, when the larger piece of fabric is folded in half lengthwise, it should be wider than a crayon is long.

Both pieces of fabric should be folded in two lengthwise, with the underside side of the fabric facing out. The creases in each of these pieces of fabric should then be ironed. The side edges of each piece of fabric should then be sewn shut. After the sides have been sewn up, the fabric should be turned right side out, and the seams should be ironed flat.


You must the sew these pieces of fabric together to make a crayon roll. The unsewn edges should first be pinned together. Using a sewing machine, sew the edges together.

When the two pieces are sewn together, the smaller piece of fabric should be folded back over the larger piece. If done correctly, the rough edges of this seam should be between these two pieces of fabric. You should then iron this seam flat and sew the other sides up as well.

Sewing these two sides should create a large pocket between the two pieces of fabric. You must then create several individual pockets in the crayon roll wide enough for the crayons to fit in. To create these pockets, start from the bottom seam where the two pieces of fabric meet. Sew a line from this seam up to the edge of the smaller fabric. A piece of ribbon can then be folded in half, and the middle can be sewn onto one of the ends of the crayon roll.

When a child is done drawing with crayons, she can insert one crayon into each pocket of the crayon roll. The entire thing can then be rolled up. To keep it from unrolling, the ribbon can be tied around the circumference.


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