How Do I Make a Brochure?

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To make a brochure, you should decide on how you want the brochure to be folded and what content you want to have on each part of it. Most brochures are made using a tri-fold, which means the paper is folded twice along the width of the paper to create three sections, or six different sections on two sides. You should decide on what text or images to include on your brochure. Once you have the layout you prefer, you can then make a brochure by arranging the content on the different sections.

The first step you should take to make a brochure is to decide on how you want the brochure to appear. Brochures or pamphlets typically consist of a single piece of paper, on which various images or text is printed. While you might consider a bi-fold layout, which means the paper is folded a single time much like a simple book, a tri-fold layout is the most common way to make a brochure. This layout folds the sheet of paper twice, splitting the paper into thirds, and creating six sections across both sides of the paper.


As you continue to make a brochure, you should then decide on the content you want to place on the brochure itself. You might consider the text you plan on using, and you should think about including at least one image as well. This image can be placed on the front, to help capture the attention of a potential reader, or may be used inside to provide an example or expand upon the text you include. If you want to make a brochure as inexpensively as possible, then you should print it in black and white, which means any images you choose should still be readable when printed in grayscale.

You can use a word processor program on a computer to actually design the layout for your brochure, and most programs include templates for tri-fold brochures. Each side of the brochure likely needs to be created separately; you can then make a brochure by printing one side of the brochure onto a sheet of paper, then printing the other side onto that paper. While you can run a single sheet of paper twice through a printer to achieve this, you can also use a professional printer or copier to more easily print onto two sides of a single sheet of paper. You can then use these printed sheets to make a brochure by folding each sheet in the way that matches your chosen layout.


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