How do I Make a Baby Gift Basket?

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There are many ways to make a baby gift basket that will be treasured by moms both for its attractiveness and for the useful things it contains. Choice of baskets is varied, but often people lean toward filling a bassinet with baby gift items, and these can also be purchased pre-made in stores. The only caution regarding using a bassinet is to make sure to choose one that actually conforms to current safety standards. Don’t use an antique one, and consider providing a mattress, since this would be necessary in any case.

Using a bassinet as the foundation for a baby basket can be a good choice but it is expensive. It’s certainly fine to choose smaller baskets and fill them to the brim with plenty of nice things. Those who are parents usually have a strong inkling of items that might be most appreciated, but those who haven’t parented may want to consider using a list as a way to fill the baby gift basket.

Some things that make great additions to the baby gift basket include a number of basic baby items. These can be things like cotton or disposable diapers, burp cloths or puddle pads, and simple clothing like snap t-shirts or onesies. A basket can also include rattles that are tested safe for baby, an heirloom silver spoon, a variety of bottles, and even handheld breast pumps, which may be much appreciated by moms.


Other items that can go in a baby gift basket could be a variety of pacifiers: choose a couple of different types unless the mother to has asked for a specific kind. Receiving blankets in soft cotton can be stacked on the sides. Baby wipes or baby bath items and washcloths are excellent inclusions. Soft baby safe stuffed animals can be added too. Some people might add things like booties or mittens, and the latter are useful for keeping an infant from accidentally scratching the skin.

Baskets can be themed toward a specific purpose. A baby bathtub could be used in place of a basket and contain shampoos, lotions, towels, cloths, and a cheerful rubber ducky. Alternately, the basket could be themed toward a baby’s entertainment needs and contain CDs with great music for infants and a few infant toys. Many baby gift basket types are more of a hodgepodge of collected baby items that parents may find useful.

There are a few things that can be added to baskets that will surely be appreciated by parents. Add gift certificates for massages or evenings out to restaurants or movies after a child is born. Be sure these come with an offer of babysitting, so that the parent will be able to get away for a few hours. Lots of wonderful lotions and aromatherapy treatments exist too that may help perk mom up after a hard day of infant care, and these are great ways to celebrate how special moms are.


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@raynbow- Your tip gives me an idea to do a special baby theme for a baby gift basket that I have to make. I'm thinking about filling it with toys for the newborn. I think it's great when people make gift baskets for babies that have more than blankets and baby bottles in them.

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I went to a baby shower last year, and made a baby gift basket for my friend. I wanted to do something different, so I filled the basket with items that the mom-to-be could use to make lasting memories with her baby girl. A baby diary, a photo album, and several picture frames all pink in color created a beautiful basket.

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