How do I Lose Stomach Weight?

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To effectively lose stomach weight or belly flab, there may not be one method that is right for everyone. Therefore, if you can determine, even through trial and error, which method tends to work best for you, this is a good start. As a rule, proper diet and exercise that targets the abdominal muscle group should be beneficial for most.

If you need to reduce belly fat and are not concerned with losing significant body weight in general, an exercise program should help. The most efficient way to lose stomach weight is through abdominal exercises such as crunches or the use of a machine that is designed especially for the abdominal muscles.

Combine a healthy diet with a series of exercises that can be done routinely. This will help you lose stomach weight while toning. If you want to speed up the process of burning that belly fat, aim for a program that incorporates a cardiovascular workout as well. This is known as cross training.

Cross training will enable you to burn fat more efficiently. This can also help combat boredom that can lead to frustration and lack of motivation. Try alternating your exercises and switching them out. One day you may try a set of stomach crunches, and the next day use your ab machine. The following day try adding a cardio workout. This can be any form of aerobic exercise, such as dancing or even kickboxing.


You should aim for fat-burning exercises in general, rather than solely targeting the stomach area. As you burn fat, the flabby look around your tummy area should melt away and you will lose stomach weight. Keep in mind that doing ab exercises while not burning calories and fat may not be the best solution. You must also strive to burn body fat if you wish to lose stomach weight.

Another tip that may help in your attempt to blast away the belly flab is to consume an adequate amount of water each day. Staying hydrating by drinking sufficient amounts of water will help eliminate toxins and other wastes that may be making you look and feel bloated. If you want to lose stomach weight and belly flab, remember to drink up.

If you consume alcoholic beverages regularly, you might want to cut back. Alcohol consumption often leads to bloating, and this transforms to belly fat. The calorie content in many alcoholic beverages may surprise you. If you can't completely eliminate liquor from your diet, consider drinking light beer or other low-calorie choices in moderation.


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Post 4

I have read that the stomach and hips are two places where most women store extra weight. I don't think there is a quick or easy solution to lose belly fat fast.

For me, it has been a long term commitment to change my whole lifestyle. This means I have had to make changes in my diet, eliminate junk food, sugary soft drinks and start an exercise routine.

Instead of drinking soda, I now drink water and make sure I have some at my desk so it is available all during the day. I have also found this keeps me from getting as hungry.

What keeps me motivated is when my clothes start to feel too big on me. Even though I still have a ways to go, I have been able to get rid of some of my excess stomach weight. I have also found it easier to physically do things, and I just feel more confident too.

Post 3

I wish there was an easy way to lose belly fat. It seems to be an uphill battle for me, and my stomach is where the extra weight I have seems to go first.

Only in my dreams will I ever have a flat stomach again. I have been tempted to try some of the supplements that promise you will burn belly fat while you sleep. Has anyone ever tried any of these and they worked?

It is hard for me to imagine how swallowing a pill can help me lose belly fat while I sleep, or any time of day, for that matter. I know there is no substitute for exercise and proper eating, but I have found I don't have much discipline when it comes to either one of those things.

Post 2

I get bored very quickly when I exercise, and like to keep things mixed up with a lot of variety. I have a large DVD collection of exercise routines and I rotate them around every time I exercise.

This way I never get bored and feel like my body gets some good cross training in. I must say that doing crunches and sit-ups are not my favorite, but I still do them.

I like having someone else counting them out and motivating me as I do them. If I were to just sit down on the floor and start doing crunches, I probably wouldn't do very many of them.

Even though this is not a favorite part

of my routine, I do notice that my stomach muscles are stronger and my clothes fit me much better.

I think it is especially hard for women to lose stomach fat. I know this is something I will have to keep doing if I want to keep extra weight from going to my stomach.

Post 1

I sure wish I could find a way to get of my extra stomach weight. I have tried lots of exercises to lose belly fat, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.

My weight is the same as it was 25 years ago, but after having children, my stomach has never been the same. Somehow that extra bit of flab just doesn't go away.

Through regular workouts, the rest of my body stays toned up and in shape, but I have not found any kind of program that has given me my flat stomach back. If someone has been successful at doing this I would love to hear about it.

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