How do I Learn Medical Billing and Coding?

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Medical billing and coding is becoming a popular career within the growing healthcare industry. In order to process medical reports and insurance claims correctly, well-trained, certified medical billing and coding specialists are needed to handle the large number of reports that are created daily in healthcare facilities around the world. There are several ways that you can learn medical billing and coding to get started in this career.

Medical billing and coding education is available at many colleges and universities in addition to distance learning programs. There are classes offered on the Internet as well as in traditional live classroom environments, taught by experienced medical billing and coding professionals. In healthcare facilities, the needed skills are often taught to medical office staff so that reports and claim forms are prepared correctly for submission to insurance companies.

Learning medical billing and coding is a two part process. It involves understanding complex medical terminology as well as special treatment and diagnosis codes, referred to as CPT and ICD-9 codes, that determine the costs associated with medical care. Failure to learn these correctly through a reliable program can result in errors in processing data and filing medical insurance claims that can be costly to healthcare providers as well as patients.


When deciding how to learn medical billing and coding, it’s important to research several schools before selecting one. This will enable you to understand what each program has to offer and what the end results of your time and financial investment will be. While it is possible to land a job by taking courses through an accelerated program, most employers prefer you to earn your certification as part of the process, which may require additional time and effort.

Another aspect of getting an education in medical billing and coding to keep in mind is that, although there is a great need for skilled medical billing and coding specialists, the market is fairly competitive. One good way to decide what type of training you should pursue is by talking to companies that hire medical billing and coding to find out what schools they recommend. Taking time to research this ahead of time can save a great deal of aggravation later on, when you're searching for a job.


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Post 5

Don't work more than one year in e care. The salary and everything after one year will be worse.

Post 4

join ecare india medical billing. they will ask you to sign a bond for a year, but just join and work to gain knowledge about medical billing. then after on year you can settle in a good mnc top company.

Post 3

@dill1971: The first thing you should consider is: Do you have the ability, skills, or training to be able to process claims for doctors, dentists or large clinics? In order to process claims at home you would have to be in business for yourself. You could also make arrangements with your employer to work at home. If you do not have the proper training or right medical billing software this would be difficult.

Another important fact is to be careful of scams. Scams are running rapid in the day and age. Always read the fine print.

Post 2

Can you work at home doing Medical Billing and Coding?

Post 1

I want to learn medical code and billing, but i don't know how long it's going to take.

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