How do I Knit Slippers?

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People from all walks of life wear slippers, and many people choose to learn to knit so that they may make their own. Knit slippers are a wonderful treat on a frigid winter day or a cool spring morning. Many beginning knitters look for easy patterns that they can use to create their own cozy footwear. It can sometimes be daunting to find the perfect knitting pattern because there are so many variations.

The most common type of knit slippers are those shaped like a boot. These may be similar in construction to baby booties and provide for an easy knitting project. Another style of knit slippers are shaped like a “Mary Jane” style shoe. They may or may not have straps, and are fairly easy to construct. Another style that is usually more complicated is constructed in the same way as a knit sock, but uses thicker yarn for more insulation.

Depending on the type of slipper style selected, different supplies and materials are needed. Most slippers are knit in medium to heavyweight yarn, ranging in weight from worsted to bulky classifications. Wool is a popular fiber choice, as is acrylic. Both types of yarns have their specific advantages, but nearly any type of yarn will work as long as it is the correct weight. Some patterns are for felted slippers, and these call exclusively for non-machine washable wool, as the fibers of the yarn need to be matted together in a special process.


There are several methods of construction for making knit slippers. Slippers can be constructed flat and in pieces, using straight needles, and later sewn together along seams to create a three dimensional object. The knitting can also be executed on circular needles, or a set of double pointed needles, to eliminate the need for seaming. Some patterns call for a combination of these two techniques, so it is important to consult your pattern or a local specialty yarn store for specifics before beginning to knit.

Despite the many variations that knit slipper patterns may take, it is still one of the easiest projects for a beginner, and a satisfying, quick project even for advanced knitters. Knitting slippers is also considered by many to be a wonderful way to use up scraps from other projects, or try a specialty yarn without having to buy large quantities of it. For further, specialized instruction, a visit to a local specialty store is recommended. Employees are trained to help with pattern, material and supply selection.


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Post 2

@babylove - Knitting terms can seem a little intimidating to the beginner but once you try your hand at a few basic items, you'll soon get the hang of it. It should come easier for you since you already know how to crochet.

I personally think you should start with something simple like a potholder or maybe a scarf with a simple design. Then after you've mastered those, you can progress to some other things like easy knitted slippers or socks.

Post 1

My mother used to crochet when I was young and I think she used to knit too, although she never taught me how to do either one. I do know some basic crochet stitches but I'd love to learn to knit. They just look more professional in my opinion.

Is it easier for the beginner to knit baby slippers or mittens? I thought about knitting a baby sweater once for my niece but the directions were too intimidating.

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