How do I Join a CB Radio Club?

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Joining a Citizen’s Band or CB radio club is a great way to network with other enthusiasts. While the use of the radios is less common than in the days before cellular phones and other forms of wireless communication, there are still clubs of CB users found across the globe. For the most part, the qualifications for joining are relatively straightforward, and require little more than submitting an application, agreeing to comply with a basic code of conduct, and agreeing to pay the membership dues required by the club’s bylaws.

Often, a CB radio club is structured to include enthusiasts of all types. The most inclusive clubs open their doors to people who use radio sets at home, as well as those who have the units installed in their vehicles. Clubs like these usually require that any participant be over a certain age, typically whatever is considered legal age in the country where the club is based. In some cases, a minor over the age of fourteen may join, but only with parental consent.


There are situations in which a CB radio club is focused more on a particular segment of users. For example, there are clubs that are specifically for truckers or others who spend a great deal of time on the road. Clubs especially for retirees are also relatively common. There are even clubs that are for enthusiasts that utilize specific brands or models of CB radio equipment, such as CB radio amps or hand held CB radio units. For people who use the bandwidth set aside for Citizen’s Band use to provide ongoing programming such as news or commentary, there is sometimes a fan club that is open to all CB users who regularly tune in to enjoy that programming.

When choosing to join a CB radio club, take the time to determine if the club is open to all enthusiasts. If not, find out if the club is focused on users who share your particular interests or circumstances. Make sure you take the time to read the bylaws and membership requirements of the club before submitting an application. Should you find that the club is a good fit for you, obtain an application.

Provide all the information required by the CB radio club, as this will help expedite consideration of the application. Assuming you meet the criteria required, you should be approved and receive your BTO or Big Time Operator number that should be used to communicate with other club members when on the air. Once you have the number in hand, you can enjoy interaction with other club members, both over the air and whenever you may be traveling to an area where members reside.


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I honestly didn't know people were still using CBs. I haven't thought much about them since about the 1980s.

Those were all over the place in the 1970s, but I figured cell phones had replaced them by now.

Apparently I was wrong.

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