How Do I Increase Crop Yield?

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Issues regarding methods for increasing crop yield refer to those methods that can be applied by farmers as a means of generating a greater volume of harvest. This topic is an important one in light of the fact that the aim of farmers and other people who practice some form of planting or agriculture is usually aimed toward generating a considerable crop yield for their efforts. When improper methods are applied, or when little effort is applied toward the process of generating increased crop yield, the result may be a very disappointing harvest that is commiserate with the effort and resources applied toward the process of generating the harvest. Some of the tips that may be applied toward increasing crop yield include a proper selection of crops to plant, the application of practices aimed at improving plant performance, such as irrigation and soil nutrient, as well as the prevention and control of various pest and disease infections.


One of the methods that can help ensure an increase in crop yield is for the farmer or anyone planting the crop to properly plan the process of planting, which may require a conscious effort in order to carry out an analysis of the proposed crop and other related factors. The importance of selecting the right crop is based on the fact that some crops have been historically shown to perform better than others in certain regions of the world due to the fact that the right conditions exist in such areas for that particular plant growth. An example of this can be seen in the case of oranges that have been shown to do very well in certain parts of the world, while they do not thrive in other parts. In such a case, the farmers who are located in the regions that do not favor the growth of the plant would do well to look for other types of crops since it would probably require a lot of effort and resources to grow unsuitable plants in those areas as well as probably lead to disappointing results.

A practice that is applied in regions with scarce water resources, during dry seasons or during dry spells, is the application of irrigation, a system that helps supply moisture to the crop and to consequently increase crop yield. Something else that can help increase crop yield is the proper application of nutrients to the soil in order to promote plant growth. The proper use of pesticides can also help minimize the incidence of pest attack, consequently resulting in greater crop yield.


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