How Do I Improve My Political Vocabulary?

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One of the best ways to improve your political vocabulary is by reading newspapers, books, websites, and magazines about political topics. You may also find it helpful to watch news reports and television shows that include political speeches and events. Additionally, taking a class that focuses on a political subject may prove helpful as well.

Reading is a good way to expand your political vocabulary. For example, you can learn a lot by reading and working to comprehend words in newspaper and magazine articles that are focused on politics. Even the letters to the editor you find in such publications may prove helpful as you work to improve your political vocabulary understanding. For instance, you can read through such materials and learn to puzzle out word meanings from context. Then, to ensure that the meanings you derive from the text are correct, you can look up the definitions in an online or print dictionary.


Aside from newspapers and magazines, you might also find other types of publications helpful when you are trying to improve your political vocabulary. For example, you can search for websites that focus on political information — many of these sites include handy glossaries you can use to increase your vocabulary as well. You could also read books related to politics, including those about political figures, to learn more political words and phrases. Some of these may have helpful glossaries as well. Choosing a wide variety of reading material rather than focusing on one political topic alone may give you the best chance of gaining a comprehensive political vocabulary.

Though often not as good a source of learning as reading, watching television may also help you to increase your political vocabulary. For example, you might find watching news reports and politically focused talk shows helpful for increasing your knowledge. Such shows may prove particularly helpful if you research unfamiliar political terms afterward. The most helpful shows may include those that broadcast political speeches and events. In addition, you might choose to rent DVDs and audio CDs that allow you to watch and listen to famous political speeches.

You can also increase your political vocabulary by taking a politics class. You often can find such a class through a local community college. You may even find that some adult learning organizations offer classes in political subjects as well. While any type of politics class might help you to increase your political vocabulary, those that provide the chance to participate in discussions of political topics, or even debate them, may help you puzzle out political terms and gain a better understanding of politics with the help of your classmates.


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