How do I Improve Fertility?

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There are many ways to improve fertility depending on a person's situation and why fertility is a problem in the first place. Many people find that fertility improves when ceasing activities that decrease fertility such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Another way to improve fertility is to use herbs and medicines that are known to make a person more fertile. In addition to these strategies, there are also techniques that can improve chances of conception, making the most of what fertility there is. The best way to start out, though, is to first diagnose what is causing the problem with fertility, as finding the problem may isolate the solution.

One of the best strategies one can use to improve fertility is to try to get physically prepared for having a child. This means neither partner should partake of caffeine, drugs, or environmental toxins. Smoking and drinking can affect fertility for both men and women. Additionally, both partners should exercise and eat healthy foods high in Vitamin C and antioxidants.

For men, one common way to improve fertility is to reduce heat around the genitals. This may mean wearing looser underwear and abstaining from long hot baths. This is often thought to improve sperm count. Men may also try zinc supplements, as zinc deficiencies have been linked to low sperm counts.


Women can improve fertility by abstaining from products such as douches and scented tampons. The chemicals in these products can kill sperm. Even lubricants used for sexual functions can kill sperm. Additionally, women may have success using a fertility planning system to identify their most fertile periods. Keeping a fertility calendar, measuring cervical mucus, or measuring basal body temperature may help capitalize on maximally fertile periods and help achieve conception.

Once both partners are optimally fit and fertile, it is a good idea to give the sperm the best chance of meeting the egg by using sexual positions that deposit the sperm closest to the egg. These include the missionary position and rear entry positions. After intercourse, the sperm have a better chance of reaching the egg if the woman elevates her hips above the rest of her body to prevent the sperm from dripping out.

Even a fertile couple can take more than a year to achieve conception. If there really are problems with fertility, though, a fertility specialist can be consulted to isolate what the problem may be. The specialist may assess both partners, ask questions about lifestyle, and suggest ways to improve fertility naturally. In extreme cases, medications and fertility treatments may be prescribed. These treatments can be dangerous and should be used as a last resort and only under the care of a doctor.


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Post 3

@ZipLine-- What about your partner? Is he making lifestyle changes to improve male fertility as well? Because pregnancy requires both partners to be healthy individuals. If your partner's sperm count, quality or mobility is low, you might not get pregnant even if you have many healthy eggs and a suitable environment for a baby.

I recommend an organic diet with lots of fresh fruit and veggies, daily walks, meditation and a multi-vitamin supplement for both of you. Just doing these will improve your fertility greatly.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- I haven't tried Chinese herbs but I've tried acupuncture which is also a part of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture was extremely helpful for me and it may improve your fertility as well.

Acupuncture reduced my stress and improved my circulation. I got pregnant three months after starting acupuncture and I believe that it had a lot to do with it. Stress is a huge factor when it comes to fertility, for both men and women. Stress reduces quality of eggs and sperm and also causes hormonal imbalances. So if nothing else, acupuncture is worth trying because of its effects on stress and anxiety.

Post 1
I'm trying to follow a more healthy diet and lifestyle to increase my fertility. I'm sure it's making a difference but I haven't been able to conceive yet. I'm thinking about trying Chinese herbs for fertility. Has anyone here used Chinese herbs? Did they work?

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