How do I Improve Cell Phone Reception?

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Many people have the idea that getting better cell phone reception can only be done by cell phone providers. While it is true that providers can use many tools to enhance the reception of cell phones connected with their networks, consumers can take a few steps to improve cell phone reception themselves. If your signal and line clarity does not seem to be up to par, here are some tips on how to improve your cell phone reception without relying on your provider.

One of the first steps to improve cell phone reception is to check the status of your battery. Batteries that are beginning to lose charges more quickly may be the reason behind dropped calls or an inability to connect to a network. By replacing the old battery with a new one, you may find that both the reception and the clarity on your calls improve significantly.

If the battery is in good working order, an upgrade in your cell phone antenna may be a good idea. There are compatible internal and external antennas that will work with many different types of cell phones; many of them are available for an affordable price. Installing the new antenna can lead to less problems with dropped calls as well as improve reception in areas where you previously could not get a signal to make a call.


For people who find that reception varies when moving about in the home or office, purchasing a cellular repeater is a great way to improve cell phone reception. The repeaters help to create an environment where the reception is stable no matter where you are in the space. Keep in mind that some repeaters are configured to only work with a specific carrier, while others are designed to be more universal in scope.

While many people don’t realize it, part of the problem with reception may be due to holding the phone at an awkward angle. If the internal or external antenna is not in an upright position, there is an increased potential for an interruption in the signal. Making sure to always use the phone in an upright position could make a difference in the quality of reception you enjoy.

Location can also have a negative impact on the quality of reception. If you find that making calls deep within the interior of a building, try moving closer to a window before making a call. When outside, try moving into a position where there is less interference from trees, dwellings, or overhead wiring. By minimizing obstructions that could distort or break the signal, it is possible to better your cell phone reception indoors as well as in outdoor settings.

Learning how to boost cell phone reception can help prevent a great deal of frustration and make it possible to avoid the time and effort involved in switching to a new service provider. By employing these simple tips, chances are you will be able to significantly improve cell phone reception at home, at work, and in various public settings, making your day a little more pleasant.


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i once called my phone carrier and enhanced my reception just by putting in a few # s to enhance the connections. most carriers it just calls or find the codes needed and put it in. it will amaze you.

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