How do I Identify Business Opportunities?

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With so many business opportunities available, it is often difficult to determine whether a particular opportunity shows great promise or is likely to fail. Your goal is to learn how to tell a good opportunity from a bad one. Here are some tips that will help you assess the potential of any business opportunity that comes your way and make the right decision.

One of the first factors to consider is the stability of the company associated with the opportunity. In the case of a new business that does not yet have a proven track record, you want to know who is behind the launch or who is supplying this company with operating capital until the business begins to generate profits. Essentially, you want some amount of assurance that the company will be around long enough for you to benefit from a relationship with the opportunity, especially in terms of recouping any investment of time or other resources.

Keep in mind that a new business or a plan to start a business may be riskier than going with a company with an established track record. However, business opportunities of this kind are not automatically suspect. If the funding is there and the organization is structured properly, the opportunity is well worth your consideration.


Assessing the good or service offered by the business is also important. The best business opportunities involve companies that offer something consumers will need or desire over all other competing products. It is not a problem if the product is aimed at a niche market. Business opportunities of this type are often great moneymakers, since they address needs that are often overlooked by others. In addition, the competition is probably less fierce in a niche market, a situation that will allow the company you are evaluating to establish itself as the industry standard in that market.

Along with having a solid financial base and a product that is sure to attract attention, the best business opportunities also have a comprehensive and well defined system for getting the products to consumers. This includes such factors as a reliable process for producing the good or service, excellent sales and marketing strategies, and an efficient delivery to the buyer. Without the ability to satisfy orders quickly and efficiently, even the best product is less likely to build a loyal client base.

The return you will receive is also very important when considering different business opportunities. Will you earn an equitable return in comparison to what you invest in the business in terms of time and other resources? If so, then there is a good chance the opportunity is worth pursuing. If you are not sure, keeping looking for something better.

You will find that in today’s market, it is worth your time to consider a home-based business as well as a more traditional business setting. Business opportunities of this type often start with business ideas that are new and fresh in terms of approach or some aspect of the products offered. If you see merit in a given business idea and think it has a good chance of succeeding, then look it over carefully. That home based business may be the ideal investment vehicle for you.


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Post 2

Sunny27- That is good to know. I know that Entrepreneur magazine always features the best franchises.

I think they said that Kumon only requires an initial maximum investment of $30,000 that is considerably less than the fast food franchises.

Those types of franchises require several hundred thousand dollars to start.

Post 1

Great article- I just want to add that franchises offer great business opportunities. They have a proven business model and they usually provide training and support for the franchisee.

Many franchises are flexible in nature providing many of its owners the ability to maintain a full time job while working the franchise part time.

For example, the owners of the Kumon center in which my children attend operate the business two days a week for fours hours a day on Mondays and Thursday afterschool. They are also fulltime math teachers who teach high school math during regular school hours.

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