How do I Hide Big Pores?

I. Ong

Big pores are a common complaint for many women as these get in the way of achieving that perfect glowing complexion. Products and treatments exist for shrinking them and have varying success rates. Fortunately, hiding big pores completely is only a few makeup tricks away, such as using makeup primer, a water-based foundation and translucent powder on your face.

Makeup primer, which can make pores less visible.
Makeup primer, which can make pores less visible.

Before applying makeup, it is important to prepare your skin first. A weekly exfoliation of your skin will remove dead cells from the surface, giving it a healthy glow and lessening the depth of big pores. Next, use a cleanser and toner that are appropriate for your skin type. A gentle, non-alcohol-based cleanser will remove excess oil and dirt from your skin without irritating it, and the toner will tighten your skin and shrink large pores.

Using an exfoliant can help minimize pore appearance.
Using an exfoliant can help minimize pore appearance.

It also is recommended that you use a moisturizer before applying makeup, even if your skin is naturally oily. Moisturizing your skin will ensure that it stays hydrated and soft even under makeup and will make it easier for you to apply foundation. Using a moisturizer that has a high sun protection factor (SPF) will help protect your skin from ultraviolet light and harsh weather. Be sure to remove excess oil from your pores before beginning the application of makeup.

Clay face masks can be applied to help tighten skin and reduce the size of pores.
Clay face masks can be applied to help tighten skin and reduce the size of pores.

For the next step, cover your face evenly with makeup primer. The primer will hide big pores and absorb excess oil from oily skin, giving your skin a smooth, finished look. Be sure to select a primer with a silicone base in order to avoid clogging your pores. Use a soft sponge to apply the primer, and avoid using your fingers. This is because using your fingers might cause the primer to streak, and the warmth from your fingertips can cause your pores to expand while applying the primer.

Removing makeup before going to bed is a good way to keep the pores clean.
Removing makeup before going to bed is a good way to keep the pores clean.

Next, apply a water-based, oil-free foundation uniformly over your face. Place a drop on your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Use a makeup sponge to gently spread the foundation from these points evenly over your face and neck.

The finishing touch is to dust your skin lightly with loose, translucent powder. Use a large powder brush to apply it to your face, and be careful to use just a small amount to avoid a mask-like look. The powder will keep your skin looking natural while masking the layers on your face.

You can then proceed with applying the rest of your makeup as usual. Avoid using shimmery makeup on your face, because it can draw attention to big pores. Carry oil-blotting sheets during the day to absorb excess oil on your face, as the shine will likewise draw attention to your pores.

Remember to cleanse your face thoroughly at night before going to bed. Use a cleanser to remove all traces of makeup from your face and neck. Use a toner as well, if your skin is naturally oily.

Some cleansers are designed to shrink pores.
Some cleansers are designed to shrink pores.

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If you are looking to hide a few large pore spots on the nose, cheeks or forehead, I use Concealapore (have for five years). It is an all natural, invisible, on the spot, pore filler concealer. It provides flawless, lasting, "invisible" coverage of large pores. You can't even see them after this is applied! It is the only product I have discovered that works as it claims and they stand behind their product quality 100 percent. Totally improves my skin confidence.


The pharmacy and most makeup brands also have special concealer sticks for hiding pores, blemishes and acne. They are not very expensive either. That's what I use. I apply it on my cheeks where I have the most pores, right before my foundation. It seems to work well. You can give it a try.

I also have a problem with blackheads and I actually use the same product to hide those as well.


Primer does work great! If you don't have a primer though, don't worry, you can make one at home too. Just mix together equal amounts of aloe vera gel and your favorite water based moisturizer. Add to it a drop of sunscreen (if you would like) and a pinch or two of translucent or tinted loose powder. Mix them well and apply on your face!

This is a great mixture, it works as a primer and the aloe vera gel will fill in the pores nicely. It is also very fast, you can easily skip the moisturizer, sunscreen and the final powder when you use this. It's like an all-in-one primer. You can keep it for a couple of weeks if you want. Just make more of it when you run out. My favorite for hiding those pores!


These are really good tips, I agree with all. The best way to hide enlarged pores is to prevent them! I think that the trick is to maintain a cleansing and moisturizing system and to do it regularly.

I have to clean my face both in the morning and at night for example. If I forget to do it, my pores become enlarged, I have acne and it becomes really hard to hide the imperfections.

Pores get enlarged when the skin produces a lot of oil. This doesn't mean however, that you don't need to moisturize your skin. If you keep your face dry, the pores will become even larger as the skin produces more and more oil to maintain your skin's moisture level. So my tip would be to always apply moisturizer after cleansing. Follow up with a toner (it shrinks pores as a sponge shrinks when dry) and as you do this regularly, you will see that the pores become smaller and it will be easier to hide them.

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