How do I Hide a Scar?

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Many people deal with some type of scarring. In some cases, the scar occurred as the result of some type of accident. At other times, the scar is created as a result of a surgical procedure. When the scarring is present on a part of the body that is frequently exposed in public, such as the hands, arms, or face, there is sometimes a strong desire to minimize the prominence of the scar tissue in order to create the illusion of an unblemished skin. If you need to hide a scar, here are a few ideas you can try.

When dealing with scars on the forehead, one of the most common strategies is to adjust the hairstyle so that bangs cover the area. This simple method works very well for most social situations. However, it is important to remember that if the hair becomes wet, there is a good chance that the bangs will not provide adequate cover for the forehead and will expose the area. But in settings where the hair remains dry and in place, wearing bangs works very well.


Depending on the severity of the scar, it may be possible to cover the blemish with over-the-counter makeup products. There are a number of different foundations and concealers on the market today that will blend the affected area into the general tone of the surrounding skin, making it very difficult to detect the presence of the imperfection. This approach works very well when the scarring is relatively minor and the coloring is somewhat close to the color of the surrounding skin.

If the scars are more pronounced, it may be necessary to go with something a little more drastic. One possible solution if the blemish is on the arm, leg, or even the abdomen is to get a tattoo. The details of the scarring can be incorporated into the overall design of the tattoo, making the blemish disappear. Should anyone glance in the area, what they see is the tattoo, not the scar that is underneath the surface of the body art.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery to reduce scarring is also an option. With this approach, the goal is not to cover the scarring as much as it is to remove it altogether. In years past, surgery of this type could not always completely remove scar tissue, but it could minimize the amount of tissue present so that concealment was a relatively easy task. With today’s methods, however, there is an excellent chance that having a cosmetic procedure could do away with the scarring completely.


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I've seen products around that claim to provide over the counter scar removal. Not as complete as a surgery, but enough to really diminish the appearance of scar lines. I don't really know if they are worth the money, but I have had friends use them and claim at least some success.

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If you have a tummy tuck scar, my husband found me an excellent product that has only been around a couple of years. The name is ScarArt. You should try it out whenever you want to hit the pool or beach or just look sexy for your man.

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